Worker's Party of Zeprana

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Worker's Party of Zeprana
ChairmanMatthew Cunningham
Vice ChairmanVacant
Founded8 May 2022
HeadquartersWyoming, Zeprana
Membership (July, 2023) 2

Democratic Socialism
Social Democracy

Political positionCentre-Left to Left
Slogan“For the Many, not the Few”
Anthem"This Land is Your Land" (Zepranan)
National Assembly of Zeprana
0 / 9

The Worker's Party of Zeprana was major party based in the Federal Republic of Zeprana, and was founded by Matthew Cunningham, at the time the Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Liam MacKenzie, at the time the Prime Minister of Zeprana. The party was originally disbanded after the return of McKeen who made the party illegal, but was later re-formed on July 18, 2023 following the party’s legalization.

Party Ideology

The Worker's Party of Zeprana supports Democratic Socialism, as well as having a Marxist faction led by Liam MacKenzie. The official campaign promises made by the party during the May 2022 Presidential Election were for a more direct democratic form of government, the weakening of the power of the presidency, nationalisation of key industries, and the advancement of civil rights for all Zepranans.

Electoral History

National Assembly Elections

Election Floor Leader Seats Position Government
No. ±
11 May 2022 Miles Elson
2 / 9
2 2nd Independent Coalition
23 May 2022
2 / 9
Steady 2 2nd ZFLEP-Workers Coalition

Presidential Elections

Election Date Presidential Candidate Votes Vote Precentage +/- Result
May 2022 Matthew Cunningham 11
40.7 / 100
40.7% Won