23 May 2022 Zeprana National Assembly Election

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23 May 2022 Zeprana National Assembly Election

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9 out of 9 seats on the National Assembly
  Majority party Minority party Third party
Leader Luci Miles Elson Thomas Jacobs
Party ZFLEP-Ecologist Alliance Worker's Party of Zeprana National Front of Salvation
Last election New Party 2 0
Seats before 0 2 0
Seats won 3 2 1
Seat change 3 Steady 1

  Fourth party Fifth party Sixth party
Leader Andrew Perdomo Maximilian von Meister No Leader
Party Zepranan National Party German Patriotic League Independent
Last election New Party New Party 4
Seats before 0 0 4
Seats won 1 1 1
Seat change 1 1 3

The 23 May 2022 Zeprana National Assembly elections were held from 21–23 May 2022 to elect representatives for the National Assembly of Zeprana. It was marked with 3 seats gained by ZFLEP-Ecologist Alliance, 2 seats by the Worker's Party, 1 seat by the National Front of Salvation lead by former Presidential candidate Thomas Jacobs, 1 seat by Zepranan National Party. and 1 Independent seat which was won by Christoph Billung.


Following the Zepranan Civil Conflict, a seconded Zepranan National Assembly Election was held only 11 days after the previous election. The election saw the loss of seats of many independents who were elected in the previous election, and gains by several new parties.

There were 3 rounds to the election due to several ties between candidates, in which in the end saw the Worker's Party hold 1 of their seats by a narrow margin of victory.


Following the conclusion of the election, talks began between the Worker's Party and ZFLEP-Ecologist Party for a coalition in the Assembly to keep the right-wing parties out of power, which resulted in a ZFLEP-Workers Coalition with a majority over the other parties by 1 seat.

After the election, the National Assembly voted for the new Prime Minister to replace Liam MacKenzie, whom was appointed Acting Prime Minister to fill the vacancy in the office. Christoph Billung, the sole independent elected, was voted in as the new Prime Minister by the assembly, and became the first independent Prime Minister, as well as the first Prime Minister not to have been proposed by the Federal President to the National Assembly.

Assemblypersons Elected

Representative Party
Luci ZFLEP-Ecologist Alliance
Cafa Flogger ZFLEP-Ecologist Alliance
Bibo Tektek ZFLEP-Ecologist Alliance
Miles Elson Worker's Party of Zeprana
Skylar Brahman Worker's Party of Zeprana
Thomas Jacobs National Front of Salvation
Andrew Perdomo Zepranan National Party
Maximilian von Meister German Patriotic League
Christoph Billung Independent