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Types of government

Anarcho-syndicalism is a form of Anarchism that revolves around the Labour movement, advocating the abolishment of the State and Capitalism in favour of a society where workers rule.


It bears many similarities to Anarcho-communism and many Anarcho-syndicalists may also be Anarcho-communists or Communists. Anarcho-syndicalism's primary objective is the abolishment of the wage and salary system, instead believing that workers should be paid equal to the amount of work they do and as a result the only form of social class should emerge as a result of differences between each individual's willingness to work and achieve.

Anarcho-syndicalism is perhaps one of the most common forms of Anarchism with some trade unions adhering to the ideology and operating according to its principles.

In micronationalism

Micronationally, a Soviet Republic is probably the only system to come close to Anarcho-syndicalism.

However in recent times in the Des Plaines Valley Sector a movement created by the United Labour Front has become popular.