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For the earlier nation, see Cytopia Land

Kingdom of Cytopian Great Men
Coat of arms
Motto: O Συτοπία, γη των ανθρώπων! (Greek: Cytopia, land of the people!)
and largest city
Official languagesTimonocitian English, Cytoprios, Greek
Demonym(s)Cytopian, Cytoprian,, Cytoprianese, Rashotskibadi
• Duke
Charles Rashotsky
Establishment29 May 2020
CurrencyTimonocitian Naahse
Time zoneEST (Eastern Standard Time)
Internet TLD.ct.e
Preceded by
Cytopia Land

Cytopia, officially the Autonomous Self-Governing Duchy and Kingdom of Cytopian Great Men, was the smallest duchy of the Timonocite Empire.


Cytopia was established in January 2020 as the Kingdom and Republic of Cytopia. After the Emperor saw the founder was a citizen of his own nation, he annexed it to the Timonocite Empire.

The reason it was a duchy and not a territory like Dhruvland is as it was a nation that was annexed.


Cytopian Microprovinces
Name Location Notes
Rashotskibad Capital
Southampton Known in the UK as South Rashotskibad.

Known in Cytopia as Nichemtanos.

North Cytopia Former capital, 29 May 2020 – 2 June 2020
South Cyt Claimed, but not controlled.