Department of State of the Socialist Union of Nemkhavia and Pristinia

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The Department of State of the SUNP is an office of the People's Government of the SUNP. It is the one of the three top offices of state (the others being the Office of the President, and the Office of the People's Chancellor). It's primary function is to assist the General Secretary of State with his/her day to day activities.

The DOS has been involved heavily in the day to day running of the Socialist Union, and under the leadership of the current office holder, Sir Mark Meehan, it has become a focus of both homeland and foreign affairs. It is based in the Old Palace, Astor Impora.

Mission Statement

"To assist the General Secretary of State in carrying out his/her duties to the workers of the Socialist Union, thus furthering the bright socialist future towards which we walk united"

The Workers of the Department of State

The DOS has a leadership structure which ensures for a smooth flow of information and peak efficiency. In descending order, the positions are as follows:

  • General Secretary of State
  • Chief of Staff of the Department of State
  • People's Officer of State
  • Clerical Staff