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Grand-Glaciem Island
Grand-Glaciem Viscounty
A photo of the Grand-Glaciem Island.
Coat of Arms
Country Lomellina
LocalizationQaqortoq, Greenland
Archipelago Archipelago of Glaciem
Claimed23 August 2014
 • ViscountAlexandro da Lomellina e Berenguer
 • Total0

Grand-Glaciem, officialy Gran-Glaciem Viscounty is the biggest island and capital city of the Archipelago of Glaciem. It's annexed to the Principality of Lomellina as the current biggest lomellinian island, ruled by Alexandro da Lomellina e Berenguer as the duke, the island seems fertile to some seeds that planting isn't possible in the other lomellinian territories.


The word "Grand-Glaciem" stands for "Great" or "Biggest" Glaciem, indicating to be the biggest island of the Glaciem group.


Most of the island is composed by frost soil and snow, altough some os the Southest areas are snow-free and have perfect fertile zones for the most difficult planting seeds, since those need an extreme moist soil to grow.


Grand-Glaciem is controlled under the Count of Glaciem. Within the county there are various viscounties, being the Grand-Glaciem Viscounty one of them, being controlled by Alexandro da Lomellina e Berenguer.

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