Nate City

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Nate City
Flag of Nate City
Country Timonocite Empire
Duchy SEnteral Excitement

Nate City, officially The Microprovince and City of Nathania and Petra, is a subdivision of SEnteral Excitement, a duchy of the Timonocite Empire. It was part of a dispute between SEnteral Excitement and Timo. It is not in the Greater Saraseubad Metropolitan Area, rather being in the Nate City-Pierson Metropolitan Area.


Nate City was originally incorporated by Eshaan I into SEnteral Excitement. However, when the Timonocitian Civil War broke out, Timo and SEnteral Excitement's leaders began arguing on whether Nathen Joseph, the person the microprovince is named for, was a citizen of Timo or SEnteral Excitement. Timo claimed that Joseph had agreed to join Timo, however SEnteral Excitement claimed the opposite to be true. The dispute continued until 10 February 2020, when the Treaty of Nate City was signed, ending the Timonocitian Civil War and the dispute between the countries, which were now united under the Timonocite Empire.

Annexation of Petra

Petra was annexed in November 2020, changing the name from the Microprovince and City of Nathania to The Microprovince and City of Nathania and Petra.


In late April 2021, the city declared independence as a communist nanonation.