Operation Blue Vanguard

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Operation: Blue Vanguard

The operation in action
Date20 April 2023
Discord (Atillaterran Discord server)
Result Cristorian victory


Supported By

Atillaterra (Munster)
Commanders and leaders
Christopher P.
Units involved
Cristorian Army (digital calvary)

Total: 0

Total: 0

Operation: Blue Vanguard was a cyberwarfare operation carried out by the Congress of Cristoria on 20 April 2023 against the Discord server of the Commonwealth of Atillaterra.


On the evening of 17 April 2023, after talks with the Seigneurie alliance about classified matters, Supreme Leader Tipton of Hoku reached out to Christopher P., informing him that he had the ability to nuke Atillaterra, but didn't have a bot.

Following this, Christopher P., in a desperate attempt to get his "get back"[1] on Atillaterra for slandering Seigneurie, was immediately interested in this and asked Tipton if he'd join the Congress of Cristoria in nuking their server.

They both came upon the decision to launch the operation on 20 April 2023 and Christopher P. drafted a document that was filled with the information.

Following this, Christopher P. went on to test out ROCN-28[a] over the course of the week until he retired ROCN-28 on 18 April 2023 and said:

After over three months of great service to the Socialist Republic of Cristoria, I will formally announce the retirement of ROCN-28, our Discord nuker. However, with this, we will be introducing a new one; it will be named [SROCN-18] and will be used for the same thing, however in accordance to the nations' formal name.

Following the retirement, a new nuclear-capable bot was introduced, and was named SROCN-18 and immediately underwent trials to complete the commission process.

Trials for SROCN-18 on 18 April 2023.

Following the trials, the bot was deemed operative and passed the trials with a grading of "B-", significantly less than ROCN-28, whereas ROCN-28 got an "A+".

The Operation

At approximately five thirty-three P.M., President Christopher P. gave the authorization code to SROCN-18 to Tipton and authorized the nuking.

At five thirty-four P.M., the bot began created channels titled "Operation-Blue-Vanguard" rapidly and after the "tag" everyone command was enabled, Matthew of Munster got online and just before he banned SROCN-18, the nuke command was sent and the bot (somewhat failing) completed the operation.

Operation: Blue Vanguard in full effect.


During the immediate aftermath, the Atillaterrans begun rebuilding their server and, out of true luck, the bot failed during the nuking.

Some Atillaterrans, specifically the leader, held some very toxic remarks to Supreme Leader Tipton such as "KYS".[b] The Atillaterrans then calmed down over the next few hours and began congratulating and having passive aggressive remarks against SROCN-18.

At six o'clock P.M., the operation was declared over by the Congress of Cristoria.


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  1. ROCN-28 was the nuclear-capable bot that was used during Operation: Blazing Glory in January 2023.
  2. Meaning: Kill yourself.