Democratic Republic of Hoku

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Democratic Republic of Hoku
Flag of Democratic Republic of Hoku
Coat of arms of Democratic Republic of Hoku
Coat of arms
Motto: "Ad Victoriam Hoku!"
"To victory Hoku!"
CapitalThompson Territory
Official languagesEnglish, Spanish
GovernmentSocial Demoracy
EstablishmentNovember, 1 , 2023
The first custom made Hoku flag was replaced because it was blurry and the backside was white.

The Democratic Republic of Hoku more commonly know just as "Hoku" is a micronation, that is a self-declared sovereign state which was founded in Knoxville, Tennessee by Presidents Tipton on November the first 2023 as a successor state to the Socialist Republic of Hoku. The Democratic Republic of Hoku is officially is a Social Democratic nation with a working democratic system inspired by countries like Denmark and Norway.


The term "Hoku" (Which can be translated into star in Hawaiian) was chosen for its evocative and universal sound. It symbolizes the peace and power of the nation like a star



Before the Democratic Republic of Hoku and even before the Socialist Republic of Hoku there was the Kingdom of Monnunism. The KIngdom of Monnunism was a micronation that was a self described Socialist Kingdom based out of Knoxville Tennessee. The Kingdom of Monnunism did not claim any official land but was more of an idea that wanted to spread into other micronations. It originally was political party for the KIngdom of Huntia after President Tipton was scrolling on Tiktok and found a video advertising the Huntian Survivalist Party. This was not Tiptons first official introduction to Micronationalism as he had watched a video discussing Republic of Molossia and the Principality of Sealand some time before. nevertheless this is what officially inspired him to create the Kingdom of Monnunism and his start of his Micronationalist career. He would later be quoted on saying "If I scrolled past that video I don't know where I would be right now."

Early Socialist Republic

The early Socialist Republic of Hoku was Tipton's first real start into micronationalism, the country was reborn a new with a new ideology of Socialism and not the previous Socialist Monarchy.

The Socialist Republic of Hoku soon would start to ally itself with other nations the most notable ones being Federal Dynasty of Gorthia, Kingdom of Huntia, and the Kingdom of Cristoria.

at the time Supreme Leader Tipton would help Cammy king of the KIngdom of Huntia with making a discord server. This server would reach around 20-30 members but would eventually be nuked and deleted after backlash from the Un-professionalism of the server and supposed racist remarks being said. Most information from the Early Socialist Republic of Hoku has been lost to time. Eventually the server would be remade but not under Tipton but Cammy and some of his government officials. Tipton would end up going the server and posting a "offensive" joke getting him banned. After getting banned Tipton got a member from his government to join the server get mod unban Tipton invite him back give him admin and then nuke the server. Tipton would spam the server for almost 2 hours. After this Huntia would leave the community and take a break. Soon Cammy would return and tensions between Hoku and Huntia where very tense. But after enough time pasted around 2 months Cammy personally personal messaged Tipton and asked if they could restore diplomatic relations and as repayment Tipton made a new server which he owned and operated in Huntias name. Cammy would soon force Tipton to make him the official owner of the server saying if he didn't he would make a new discord. He soon would make a new discord server emmassing around 20 members after Cammy promoted it on the former huntian discord so Tipton would soon comply and give Cammy ownership of the server. afterwords Cammy would delete the discord that he made and keep the one that Tipton made. Shortly afterward, the Cristoro-Huntian Cold War would break out and Tipton would back the Cristorian Kingdom in the war. The Cristoro-Huntian Cold War would last from May 20, 2022 - August 27, 2022 resulting in a Cristorian victory after Cammy would accidently leak his address on his Tiktok and get doxxed. He would retaliate with the help from another individual and even though the Kingdom of Cristoria nor Federal Dynasty of Gorthia dox or share his address they would still also get doxxed having both of there address leaked on TIktok and pictures of Czuck the Gorthan Dynasty's leader being leaked that they found from his mom's Facebook account. Huntia would soon leave the community following this and dissolving his Micronation. At the same time from War on Gorthalism would take place. At the time of the Anti-Gorthian War the Cristo-Huntian war was taking place and the Federal Dynasty of Gorthia was allied to Huntia at the time so they came to the defensive of Cammy. Gorth would fight along Huntia until the eventual Doxxing of him and Christopher . Around half way through the Cristoro-Huntian Cold War Syndicate Nations of Prosperity or SNOP a NATO like military alliance made June 8th of 2022.

Between ages of Hoku

Results from the nuke

The between ages of Hoku where between 27, August, 2022--28, January, 2023 they marked a in-between period of the start and the eventual collapse of the Socialist Republic of Hoku. This period marks the start of the Anti-Gorthian conflicts. After the Cristo-Huntian Cold war came to an end the former discord server of the Huntian Kingdom became a occupied puppet server with the ruler of it being undermined. No one really liked the puppet so they held a vote for either Tipton to run and own the discord server or the puppet huntian government. Tipton won the vote and thus owned and operated the server. Tipton would turn the Hutnian Puppet State discord into the MIcronational Community a discord server that represented peace, growth, and a safe hub for Micronationalism as a whole. Hoku would go into a period of peace with Cristorian-Hoku relations at a all time high. Around this time Hoku became a official Annonusm Republic in the USR or Almendria. This decision to join the USR would be one of Tiptons worst mistakes he's ever made in Micronationalism. The congress of Cristoria would soon be founded and Tipton would run for the congress elections under the Cristorian Communist Party. Soon this peace would come to an end with the seconded war on Gorthalism starting on the 21, January, 2023. The seconded war on Gorthalism started after a weekly Congressional meeting was held and the topic of nuking the Gorthian Federations discord server. The congress would debate the topic for around three hours before they came to a official decision that Christopher P would make a official nuke bot and nuke the Gorthian discord. Everyone in Congress would soon rejoin the voice chat and Tipton would @ Dylan Czuk discord account asking for mod to help around the server. Dylan Czuk would accept and give Tipton mod roles in the server. The current goal at the time was to wait for Dylan Czuk to go offline to go to sleep before nuking the server. As the congress was waiting for Dylan Czuk to get offline Tipton went into the "Bot" role and give it administrator powers he could but Dylan Czuk would check the Audit Logs after accidentally being @ed from a unknown individual this is where he would see Tiptons recent changes and confront him in the general chat. Tipton would defend that he was just changing up some roles and "cleaning up the server" but Czuk would see right through this lie and unmod him. At this point the Cristorian Congress was freaking out as they thought the plan was over but Congress member President Caiden of the Republic of Orlek who also had mod added the Nuke bot and decimated the server. This conflict would be named Operation Blazing Glory and would result in a Crisotrian Victory. The Second War on Gorthalism would come to an end one the 28th of January with the Treaty of Jwanczuk being signed.

Almendrian Revolution

Government and Politics

Hoku embraces a democratic system of governance, drawing inspiration from principles of social democracy and progressive politics. The nation features a three-branch government system with a President, Parliament, and an independent judiciary. Citizens actively engage in politics and policy-making, fostering a sense of collective responsibility and participation. Here is the nation’s Constitution if you would like to learn more.!AjaqgZyAtM3xb36UHMOU7i22t60

Early Government

The earliest recorded government of Hoku was a Socialist Republic but this changed on November First 2023 when President Tipton dissolved Socialist Republic of Hoku. After that it was founded as a Democratic Socialist Republic. The President of the Republic is President Tipton as of right know there is no vice-president or congress but this will soon change.

Legislative Branch

The legislative branch is designed to pass laws, draft the budget, and oversee government actions. Local self-governance shall be encouraged, allowing regions to manage their affairs.

Executive Branch

The Executive Branch deals with federal problems and deals. The Executive Branch must have a President, elected by the people, shall serve as the head of state and government, appointing a Cabinet of experts to manage executive functions and administer government departments.

Judicial Branch

The Judicial Branch is An independent judiciary, appointed through a transparent and merit-based process, shall interpret the constitution, protect individual rights, and ensure justice. It has the authority to review the constitutionality of laws and government actions.


Hoku's culture celebrates The nation's symbolic flag, with its distinctive colors and design, reflects peace, prosperity, Care, The grass we walk on. and the Workers that built the ground up from the nation;


Hoku's economy is a blend of Nordic social democracy and of the economic landscape of the USA.

Flag History of Hoku

Hoku's flag History is described here with dates for each flag.

Flag adopted 19th of May 2022 made on March 9th 2022
Flag adopted on February, 21, 2023
Proposed flag of the Democratic Republic of Hoku



Recognizes :


  • United Socialist Republics of Almendria/Almendrian Allies
  • United States of Zeprana
  • Kingdom of Huntia
  • Imperial Taksovian Empire