Republic of Fizona

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Republic of Fizona
CapitalThe Clubhaus (claimed)
The Football Pitch
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentPresidential Dictatorship
• President
CurrencyPound sterling (£)
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Republic of Clubhausia

In December 2013, an argument between two of the major leaders in Republic of Clubhausia broke out. The two fighters were Zoe and John, who’s friendship had been on the decline for months, even outside of the country. Unfortunately, a heated argument over policies led to Zoe breaking away, forming the nation of Fizona. By this time, the country had amassed a large group of members who’d often observe and join the meetings, mainly from the school. Many of these observers broke away with Zoe, However, she planned to remain neutral. It was only the formation of Lorentia a few weeks later that caused war, with Lorentia making the first strike. Fizona's more diplomatic approach often led to the many warlords supporting them, though at times, they opposed them as well.

The war remained a stalemate until the interception of the ‘StonePark Telegram’, a message from Fizona to the many warlords promising them high positions in power in exchange for destroying not only Lorentia but Lytera gave Lorentia a new ally in the form of Lytera. Modern historians are unsure if the Telegram was forged by Lorentia, or actually from Fizona, but it led to Lytera joining The Great Ruislip War on Lorentia's side. The final day of school saw an all out Fizonian attack on Lorentia, but the war was stopped by Daniel of Clubhausia who brokered a truce. Many war plans for a 'Continuation War' (Endgame) in Fizonaian documents were planned, but never happened.

In the summer, minor arguments between Amelia and Zoe occoured, by when starting secondary school, the two reconciled, and made a declaration of peace, making a new alliance together. In 2015, on the date of the Bourne Reunion, the Treaty of Bourne was signed. There were no gains for anyone, as everyone had to give up claims to the Stonefield region. By the 2016 reunion, Fizona had collapsed, and Zoe did not attend.


Fizona has a slightly better view in the current age then Lorenia, but is still blamed by many for the end of Clubhausia. Unlike it's main rival, however, none of it's culture remains. While more diplomatic and remembered, it's lack of a true base where they could build meant that there are no physical remnants left, aside from a signature of Zoe's on the goal post in permanent marker. Zoe no longer partakes in internationalism, but still has contact with Amelia.