Republic of Poets

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Republic of Poets
Coat of arms
Motto: Latin: Numine Afflatur
Anthem: The Divine Comedy
250px-Location Italy EU Europe.png
CapitalMount Parnassus (Greece)

Jerusalem (Israel)

El Rodeo de Mora, San José, Cd Colón (Costa Rica)
Largest cityArgenta (province of Ferrara, Italy) 343,67 km².
Official languagesItalian. English for Foreign Affairs
Demonym(s)Poets and Friends of Poetry
• President
Michele Scaciga (elected 17 Dec 2022)
Establishment6th July 2022
• Total
674 km2 (260 sq mi) (34th)
• (as of 31 December 2022 census) census
172 (Non-Resident Population)
CurrencyVerso (1 Verso=1 Euro) Central Bank Balance (+00 Versi)
Time zone(UTC Rome)

The Republic of Poets is a "Made in Italy" growing and expanding micronation located in Italy. Based on the data of MicroWiki, it is the 34th micronation by size, and the largest in Europe with more than 600 km² of partnership with 12 Italian municipalities.

Based on the population, it is the 4th most populated micronation located in Italy.

  1. Principality of Seborga
  2. Bardo
  3. Free Republic of Alcatraz

It is different - not connected and independent - from other projects like The Poets Republic[1] or Poets Republic.[2][3][4]


The Republic is composed by Poets and Friends of Poetry.

The original name in Italian is Repubblica dei Poeti - meaning "Republic of Poets".


The Republic of Poets has its origins in Parnassus, a mythological place par excellence inhabited by Poets.

The Republic was born last 6 July 2022 by Mothers and Fathers of the micronation.

Last 13 July 2022 the mayor of the municipality of Salento (Salerno province, Italy) joined the Republic of Poets adding 23 km² of territory to the Republic of Poets with an official letter.[5]

Up to 5 June 2023, there were 12 municipalities signing an official letter:

  • Argenta (province of Ferrara, Italy) 311,67 km²;
  • Giugliano in Campania (province of Naples, Italy) 94,62 km²;
  • Castrocaro Terme e Terra del Sole (Province of Forlì-Cesena) 38,95 km²;
  • Saludecio (province of Rimini) 34,27 km²;
  • Agropoli (province of Salerno) 33,77 km²;
  • Varapodio (province of Reggio Calabria), 29,12 km²;
  • Verucchio (province of Rimini) 27,3 km²;
  • Terzigno (province of Naples) 23,5 km²;
  • Magliano Vetere (province of Salerno, Italy) 23,3 km²;
  • Sant'Angelo Le Fratte (province of Potenza, Italy) 23,1 km²;
  • Salento (province of Salerno, Italy) 23 km²;
  • Baiano (province of Avellino, Italy) 12 km².

Elections celebrated last 17 December 2022 in Salento (Sa, Italy) at the city hall with the presence of the mayor of Salento, attorney Gabriele de Marco.

President is being elected Michele Scaciga, President of WikiPoesia, the largest, most known, and full documented wiki encyclopedia of poetry contests of Italy.[6]



The Flag is totally white, without symbols as "Poetry doesn't need symbols, just white, a pure white meaning a pure micronation like a white paper where you can write your first poem".

The gold frills meaning the high value of Poetry as it is a special code of communication, for spiritual beings.

Coat of Arms

The Coat of Arms is a Raffaello Sanzio painting ("Poesia", 1508 A.C., Vatican Museums, Holy See). Modern interpretation by the digital artist Shmerz.


The motto is a latin expression "Nume Afflatur", meaning inspired by divinity.

Politics and government

The Government is a Republic with a parliament. Elections on 17 December 2022 in Salento (Salerno province, Italy).

Area Claimed

The Republic of Poets doesn't claim any territory.

It is supported by 10 municipalities in Italy with 589 km² of land.


The Republic of Poets uses Verso as its official coin. The bank is located in Mount Parnassus (Greece), which is one of the Capital city. The income of the Republic is made with crowdfunding campaigns with the agency The last one started on 12 July 2022 and the target is to collect 10.000 Verso.


Seal University of Poetry of Mount Parnassus.png

The Republic of Poets supports the University of Peace (Costa Rica) where is located one of the Capital city and established the University of Poetry of Mount Parnassus.

Law and order

The Capital city for the fraternity is located in Jerusalem, which is one of the Capital city.

There is not a police system.

There is a court and a tribunal.

Foreign relations

During the Covid-19 Pandemic Era the functions of Foreign relations have been served by the Foreign Affairs Chief, Renato Ongania (father founder of the Republic of Poets).


Not needed, as we do live in a peaceful territory. We do accept offers of protection.

Geography and climate

Dove of Peace.png

We do have the Italy climate.

We do look at the Dove of peace as special animal and the Rose of Anita Garibaldi as special flower.

Culture and media

The Republic of Poets has Poetry as main cultural subject.

National Days

Date English Name
1 January New Year's Day
21 March World Poetry Day


Orders and decorations

Order of Poetic Friendship

Seal Grand Master Order of Poetic Friendship.png Grand Master: Renato Ongania

Order of Dante Alighieri

Seal Grand Master Order of Dante Alighieri.png Grand Master: Edoardo Claudio Olivieri

  • Ribbon bar of the Order of Dante Alighieri.svg Knights and Dames of the Order of Dante Alighieri (fee to pay is Versi 15, with distinction Versi 40. A few can be awarded for Merits about their contribution to making known The Divine Comedy.[7]

Foreign Relations

Logotype of MILAN DIGITAL WEEK 2022
Date 12 November 2022
Location Metaverse
URL Website

The policy of the micronation regarding foreign relations is very easy:

  1. Do cooperate with those micronations interested on poetry for the benefit of the community of poets with no discriminations to any micronation.
  2. We do like summits, events, diplomatic occasions to meet each others.
  3. We attended the Digi Micro Summit last 19–21 August 2022
  4. No treats is being signed yet, but we are looking at the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties (1969)[8] for any to be signed.

Public Agenda

  • Renato Ongania Foreign Affairs Chief will attend the Milan Digital Week 2022 (next 12 November 2022) to discuss the Constitution of the Republic of Poets from 4pm to 6 pm (UTC 14:00 to 16:00)

Mutual recognitions

The Republic of Poets was recognized by the following micronations:


Unilateral recognitions

The Republic of Poets opened a Diplomatic Channel with:

July 2022

August 2022

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