FLOU (Juclandia)

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LeaderKusch Niedlich
Deputy LeaderAdam Banici
FoundedJune 2018
Membership (2023)18
Francophone interests
Political positionSyncretic
Seats in the Great National Assembly
18 / 165
Seats in the Council of State
1 / 12

FLOU. The Miscellaneous Movement (Romanian: VAG. Partidul varietății) is a catch-all Juclandian political party.

The party was founded by Kusch Niedlich in order to compete in the Juclandian general election of 2018. Originally named The Grey Area (Romanian: Zona Gri), it was renamed on 3 April 2023.


The party adopted a strong anti-establishment position in the 2018 general election, running on a platform supporting the poorer cooperatives of Juclandia and arguing in favour of a "secular, non-militarised state", as well as rejecting the political consensus which existed at that time, represented by the consensual Gori Jucărescu VI cabinet.

The Grey Area platform was supported by many Juclandian citizens, leading to Kusch Niedlich's victory in the first round of the 2018 presidential elections. The unexpected results of the election led to the resignation of the Jucarescu VI cabinet and the formation of a new cabinet, also including Grey Area members.

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