Governor of Sabia and Verona

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Seal of the Sabioveronese Governor.

The Governor of Sabia and Verona (Middle Sabian: Xâremêkourak) was the head of the human population of Sabia and Verona from the foundation of the Kingdom in 2012 to the abolition of the post in 2015. It was appointed by the Sabioveronese Monarch once every year (originally every six months), and a total of four people held the office. The Governor was co-head of government with the Prime Minister.

Role and powers

The Governor had relatively limited power in Sabioveronese politics, and served to lead the human poplation of Sabia and Verona within the Kingdom of Juclandia at first, and then the Federal Union of Juclandian Lands (FUJL). The Governor was the speaker of the upper house of the Legislative Courts, first the Senate and then the Gentáriven, and was the Federal Chief Justice of the Kingdom. The Monarch of Sabia and Verona chose the Governor on the recomendation of either the Legislative Courts or the last Governor to hold office. The incumbent took part in negotiations on policies and decisions affecting the Federal Citizenry (including negotiations with the Sabioveronese Courts and the Federal Council of the FUJL).

The office of "Governor" existed from the annexation of Sabia and Verona as an overseas territory to the Kingdom of Juclandia to the dissolution of the office in 2015. Following the Juclandian law, Sabia and Verona adopted the political offices of Governor and Prime Minister. The Governor of Sabia and Verona was the only office of Sabia and Verona that required the incumbent to be human. The first person to hold office was Tarik Kârjasary. During the first two months of existence Sabia and Verona, every meeting of the Legislative Courts was preceeded by the Sabioveronese governor. Kârjasary was originally associated to the Socialist Party (which was then still known as the Sahoedang), but the reforms of the Karasal Treaty made association with political parties impossible for the Sabioveronese governor. On April 20, 2013, Kârjasary's term ended. Isadora Annenak took the office, being appointed by King Ciprian. Kârjasary later succeeded Annenak on her recommendation. When Sabia and Verona became a province of the Federation, the purpose of the Governor was changed as per the constitution; the Governor was to represent the federal citizens of Sabia and Verona under the Monarch of the nation. As well, thanks to the existence of the Sabioveronese Monarch, the Governor was now allowed to belong to a party as well. In 2015, with the adoption of a new constitution, the office of the Governor was abolished and replaced by the Monarchy.

List of Governors

Portrait Name
Region Term of office Party Prime Minister Monarch
Took office Left office Time in office
1 Tarik Kârjasary Tarik Kârjasary[n 1]
(born 1999)
Sabia 18 October
20 April
184 days Socialist Bleuberrie
(1st government)
Arms of Ciprian, King of Sabia and Verona
(2nd government)
2 Isadora Annenak
Isadora Annenak
(born 1999)
Verona 20 April
20 October
183 days Independent
(3rd government)
(4th government)
(1) The Duke of Evra Tarik Kârjasary
The Duke of Evra

(born 1999)
Sabia 20 October
20 October
365 days Independent
Arms of Isadora, Queen of the Valtirians
(5th government)
(6th government)
3 The Marquis of Saamark Brooklyn Emmanuel
The Marquis of Saamark

(born 1999)
Austenasia 20 October
3 November
14 days Unity
4 The Countess of Airujarin Saria Josephine
The Countess of Airujarin

(born 1999)
Lycem 3 November
15 August
285 days Convergence

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  1. Kârjasary is the pre-reform spelling of the Modern Sabian Karjasari.