Gradonian order of precedence

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The Gradonian order of precedence is an advisory document maintained by the Ceremonials Division of the Office of the Royal Household which lists the ceremonial order, or relative preeminence, for domestic and foreign government officials (military and civilian) at diplomatic, ceremonial, and social events within the Gradonia and abroad.

The list is used to mitigate miscommunication and embarrassment in diplomacy, and offer a distinct and concrete spectrum of preeminence for ceremonies. Often the document is used to advise diplomatic and ceremonial event planners on seating charts and order of introduction. Former monarchs, presidents, consorts, first ladies, and retired members of Cabinet and Supreme Justices are also included in the list.

The order is established by the Monarch, through the Office of the Royal Household, and is maintained by the Interior Ministry's Office of Protocol. It is used to indicate ceremonial protocol and has no legal standing; it does not reflect the line of succession or the status of the two houses of the legislature. The Office of Protocol posts an updated order of precedence every year or whenever ordered by the Monarch.

Current list

Italics - Already listed in a higher position
HS&RM - His Serene and Royal Majesty
HRM - His/Her Royal Highness
HDH - His Ducal Highness
HG - His Grace
TG - Their Graces
The Ven. - The Venerable
The El. - The Elevated
  1. Monarch of Gradonia (HS&RM William I)
  2. Consort to the Monarch
  3. President
  4. Consul (Duke Bradyn)
  5. Supreme Judge
  6. Provincial Judges - when in own Province
  7. Landed Dukes/Duchesses - when in landed Province
  8. Electors - when in own Province (by alphabetical order)
  9. Landed Dukes/Duchesses – when outside their landed Province:
    1. Duke of Willvian (HG Duke Jonah)
    2. Duke of Edderton (HDH Prince Charles)
    3. Duke of Cedarburg (HG Duke Bradyn)
    4. Duke of Cookan (HDH Duke Brenden)
    5. Duke of Haynio (HDH Duke Jackson)
    6. Duke of New Hesse (HG Duke Canton)
  10. Electors – when outside their own Province (by alphabetical order):
    1. Willvian (Benjamin Cerny, Luis Medina)
    2. Edderton (Brenden Wheeler, Grant Johnston)
    3. Cedarburg (Aaron Smith, Mark Jameson)
    4. Cookann (Daniel Brooks, Samuel Garner)
    5. Haynio (Andrew Elmore, Mason Elliott)
    6. New Hesse (Allan Green, Anna Srodkaski)
  11. Provincial Judges - when outside own Province (by same order for Dukes and Electors)
  12. Unlanded Dukes/Duchesses
    1. Duke of Austin (HS&RM William I)
    2. Duke of Bastrop (HG Duke Bradley)
    3. Duke of Bejar (HG Duke Cameron)
    4. Duke of Brazoria
    5. Duke of Colorado
    6. Duke of Gonzales
    7. Duke and Duchess of Houston (TG Thomas and Laura)
    8. Duke of Jefferson
    9. Duke of Milam
    10. Duke of Nacogdoches
    11. Duke of the Red River
    12. Duke of San Augustine
    13. Duke of Sabine
    14. Duke of Washington (HS&RM William I)
  13. Landed Marquesses - when in landed March
  14. Landed Counts - when in landed County
  15. Unlanded Marquesses (by date of succession):
    1. Marquess of Coburg (The Ven. Marquess Joseph)
    2. Marquess of Hereford (The Ven. Marquess Jonathan)
  16. Landed Marquesses - when outside their landed March:
    1. Aichach
    2. Kelheim
    3. Forchheim
    4. Eichstätt
    5. Ebersburg
    6. Fürth
    7. Dillingen
    8. Passau
    9. Haßfurt
    10. Fürstenfeld
    11. Gerau
    12. Amberg
  17. Landed Counts - when outside their landed County (by date of succession)
  18. Unlanded Counts (by date of succession)
  19. Other nobility (by date of succession):
    1. Lord of Charlington (HRH Lord Jonathan)
    2. Lady of Charlington (HRH Lady Nicole)
    3. Lady of the Lakes (HRH Princess Noelle)
  20. Untitled and unlanded nobility (by date of succession or familial standing)
  21. Mayors, sheriffs, and other elected municipal officials:
    1. Mayor of Charlington (The El. Mister Andy Liner)
    2. Sheriff of Charlington (The El. Luis Medina)
  22. Former Presidents (by date of election)
  23. Former Consuls (by date of election)
  24. Former Supreme Judges (by date of appointment)
  25. Former Provincial Judges (by Province and date of appointment)
  26. Former Electors (by Province and date of election)
  27. Guild Masters (by date of Guild establishment)
    1. Royal Guild of Heralds
  28. Guild Journeymen (by date of guild establishment and appointment)
    1. Cedarnian Journeyman of Arms
    2. Ikonian Journeyman of Arms
    3. Wyvernian Journeyman of Arms
    4. Austenasian Journeyman of Arms
  29. Knights (by precedent of Order, rank, and date of knighting):
    1. Order of Charlington
    2. Order of the Gilded Rose
    3. Order of William I