Juniperian order of precedence

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The Juniperian Order of Precedence (Cartesian: Urda Aprezid Iunipuria) refers to the rank of certain officials within Juniperian society.


  1. Her Majesty the Queen
  2. Her Highness Catherine, Princess of Montchambord
  3. Prime Minister of Juniperia Eric Xie
  4. Deputy Prime Minister of Juniperia Shem Han (acting)
  5. Privy Councillors
    1. Minister of War and Defence Pranav Kansè
    2. Minister of Foreign Affairs Artin Kordavi
    3. Minister of Education Ishan Jha
    4. Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs, Trey Yoon
  6. Lord-Governors
    1. Lord Governor of Adler Louie Hoorizadeh
    2. Lord Governor of Monesia Matthew Wu
    3. Lord Governor of Laskaridia James Bluebonn
    4. Lord Governor of Northwood Allen Shieh
  7. Lords of Parliament
    1. Allen Shieh
    2. Nicolas Caiazzo
    3. Ishan Jha
    4. Ritvik Samita
    5. Tanish Samita
    6. Eric Xie
    7. George Chu
    8. Artin Kordavi
    9. Edmond Yamolo