Order of precedence in the Excelsior Republic

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The Order of precedence in the Excelsior Republic refers to the civil and diplomatic seniority of the executives of the Government of Excelsior. The order of precedence is often used to determine seniority in decision making, as well as for the use of specific titles by members of government. The order of precedence of Excelsior is noted for having an unusual seniority system, with the head of government, the Chancellor, having higher seniority than the head of state, the President.

The order of precedence is also often unofficially used in determining succession to office. Following the removal of Chet Chetson as Premier-General of Excelsior, Thomas Jacobs was made Premier-General using the order of precedence.


No. Official Incumbent Title
1 Chancellor of the Republic Nicolas Caiazzo Your Eminence
2 President of the Republic Silas Wurnbash Your Excellency
3 Premier-General Roy Jackson Your Excellency
4 Vice-Chancellor Micah W. Your Honor
5 Vice-President Harold R. Your Honor
6 Chief Justice Benjamin Olson Your Worship
7 Associate Justice (Senior) Thomas Jacobs Your Worship
8 Associate Justice (Junior) Dylan Y. Your Worship
9 Speaker of Parliament Connor Hetner Your Honor
10 Director of the Exchequer Chet Chetson The Honorable
11 Secretary of Foreign Affairs Thomas Jacobs The Honorable
12 Secretary of Home Affairs Micah W. The Honorable
13 Secretary of Defense and Homeland Security Silas Wurnbash The Honorable
14 Secretary of Civil Security and Law Emerson Lee The Honorable
15 Secretary of Conservation Harold R. The Honorable
16 All other sub-secretaries or government generals N/A The Honorable