Order of precedence (Lundenwic)

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The order of precedence in Lundenwic is the sequential hierarchy for Peers of the Realm, officers of state, holders of the various Orders of Chivalry and other persons. The order is established by the Imperial Grand Duke through the Office of the Prime Minister, and is maintained by the Ministry of the Interior and the Grand Region.

Current Order of Precedence

Imperial Royal Family

1. Imperial Grand Duke

High Nobility

Marquises and Marchionesses
2. Marquis of New Charter

High Officers of State

3. Prime Minister

4. Lord Chancellor of the Treasury

Other Nobility

Earls and Countesses
5. Earl of Alderwick

Barons and Baronesses
6. Baron of Bedfunta

7. Baron of Isa

Cabinet Ministers

8. Minister of the Interior

  • The Rt. Hon. Roberto Bruno MP

9. Minister of Defence

  • The Rt. Hon. Gen. Emma Spencer MP MGD

10. Minister of the Foreign Office

11. Minister of Justice

  • The Rt. Hon. Justice Dave Clarke MP

12. Minister for Faith and Communities

  • The Rt. Hon. Hannah Crabtree MP

Higher Army Officials

13. Brigadiers

  • None

14. Marshal of Lundenwic

15. Colonel

  • Col. Mick Lewis

Orders of Chivalry

The Most Imperial Order of the Grand Duchy

16. Officers

17. Companions

  • None

18. Members

  • The Rt. Hon. Gen. Emma Spencer MP MGD

The Most Honourable Order of Lundenwic

19. Officers

20. Companions

21. Members

  • Bailey McCahon

The Most Gracious Order of the Marquis

22. Knight/Dame Commanders

23. Lieutenant

24. Knight

  • Bailey McCahon (ranks higher as Member of the Most Honourable Order of Lundenwic)
  • President Anthony Clark

Judges (in order of creation)

25. The Rt. Hon. Dave Clarke MP (ranks higher as the Minister of Justice)

Senior Army Officials (in order of promotion)

  • Majors
  • Captains

Medal Awardees (in order of date received)

  • Political Merit Medal
  • Military Merit Medal
  • Lundenwic Merit Medal