Order of precedence (Arlandica)

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The coat of arms of the Kingdom of Arlandica.

The Order of precedence in the Kingdom of Arlandica is the traditional hierarchy of positions within the government.


  1. King of Arlandica (Jerold I)
  2. Members of the House of Arlandica
    1. Queen Consort (vacant)
    2. Crown Princess (Jeanne)
    3. Princes (Jerold Barlizo)
    4. Princesses (Analie Lopez)
  3. President of the Parliament (Benz Gian Arellano)
  4. Members of the Parliament
    1. Governor-Representative of Mainland Arlandica (Kyenchub Choden)
    2. Governor-Representative of Galrea (Vladimir Fernsby)
    3. Governor-Representative of Lémarita (Benz Gian Arellano)
    4. Governor-Representative of Nueva Bago (Jeanne)
    5. Governor-Representative of Paddaya (Joshua Borja)
  5. Chief of Staff of the Civil Guard (Gen. Jay Arce)
  6. Unit commanders of the Civil Guard
    1. Commander of the Mainland Security Unit (Capt. Darwin John Copperfield)
    2. Commander of the Overseas Security Unit (Lt. Gen. Zoe Bernardino)
  7. Other administrators of state-owned companies and agencies
    1. Arlandican Space and Meteorological Agency (Joshua Borja)
    2. Hopeful Morning Broadcasting Network (Benz Gian Arellano)
    3. Sports Committee of Arlandica (Benz Gian Arellano)
    4. Trans-Arlandic National Bank (Benz Gian Arellano)
  8. Ambassadors from Representative offices
    1. Bhutan (Kyenchub Choden)
    2. India (vacant)
    3. Indonesia (vacant)
    4. United States (vacant)