Christian Theocratic Union

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Christian Theocratic Union
Flag of the Christian Theocratic Union
Formation1 July 2017
Dissolved30 November 2020
PurposeTo protect, promote and unite Christendom across the micronational community.
HeadquartersShawsburg, Kingdom of Jehovah
Official language
Kaiser Christoph of Begonia (Resigned)
Connor Shaw (Left)
Hunt P. (Dissolved)
Eugenio II, Hand of the king, Templar Kingdom (??? - 09/24/20)

The Christian Theocratic Union was an intermicronational christian organization which was formed July 1, 2017. The organization was declared dissolved October 28, 2020, but soon reformed by Hunt P. after declaring himself chairman of the Union. It was dissolved November 30, 2020 after continued inactivity.

Purpose of the Union

The Union's primary purpose was to protect, promote and unite Christian micronations across the micronational community. Making the Union not only bigger but also making member nations aware of the dangers the Christian world faces. Christian micronations that are aware we live in dangerous times, and realize that our way of life is being exterminated and want to do something about it were encouraged to join.

The Union's purpose was to protect their Christian heritage exist, because world wide Christians are being treated badly, laughed at, ridiculed, and outright being persecuted and killed for their faith. (that Christianophobia is rampant). There are 4 main enemies who would like to see our way of live end: Islam, atheist, communists (china) and feminism. These are working hard at trying to undermine our Christian (European) values and way of life.

The Union's purpose was to promote Christian heritage because if the Union doesn't, our cultural heritage is at a point of being lost. If our Christian heritage is lost, than with it our values and freedoms are lost: the freedom of speech, the freedom of press, the freedom of assembly, the freedom of religion and the freedom of self determination.

We, the Union, felt we need to Unite the Christian micronational world, because this is the only way we the Union can stand up against all who would like to see the Christian culture disappear. United we stand, divided we fall!


Although the name suggests that the Member States are Theocracies, in practice the CTU is very much open to any and all Christian Micronations, regardless of denomination. The Christian Theocratic Union allowed non-Christian Micronations to join as observers, but full fledged membership was entirely exclusive to Christian Micronations.

Merging with the League of Christian Micronations

On September 7, 2020, the League of Christian Micronations and the Christian Theocratic Union merged after the discovery of the Christian Theocratic Union by the League of Christian Micronations. Gino Scorpio of the Templar Kingdom acted as an emissary to the CTU and facilitated the merging of the Unions. Prior to this the LCM was a successor to an earlier Christian Union, the Christian Micronational Union.


The forum was located on Christian Theocratic Union, and included a place to discuss what was happening in the organisation.

Current members

List of members at time of dissolution.

Flag State Contact Info
Bear Hill Tower Facebook
The Begonian Kaiserreich N/A
Templar Kingdom Home page, Facebook, Discord, Eugenio II
Kingdom of Jerusalem (protectorate under the Templar Kingdom) see Templar Kingdom
Holy Empire of Cavlan N/A
Cordoba Empire N/A
Christadonia N/A
Ela'r'oech N/A
United Kingdoms of The Danube and New Flanders and her Commonwealth N/A
Faltree N/A
Fidelis Homepage
Principality of Nerivus N/A
Kingdom of New Dorchester N/A
Grand Duchy of the Storm Islands N/A
Duchy of Sturanit N/A
Sonland Empire N/A
Imperial Kingdom of Korea N/A
Ziberlandic Empire N/A
Principality of Wolfenstein N/A