People's Republic of Marhaenia

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People's Republic of Marhaenia
Republik Rakyat Marhaenia
Flag of People's Republic of Marhaenia
Emblem of People's Republic of Marhaenia
Berdikari Kita Mandiri![a]
"(With) Standing on Own Feet We Are Independent!"[b]
Hidup Negara Kita
"Long Live Our State"
LocationSoutheast Asia
Official languagesIndonesian
Recognised regional languagesSekayu
GovernmentUnitary Marxist–Leninist one-party socialist republic
• President
A.M. Marhaen
• Vice President
Al Arthur Zidane D.P.
LegislaturePeople's Assembly
• Founded
13 March 2023
• Constitution ratified
18 May 2023
• Constitution abolished
1 June 2023
• Total
3.72 km2 (1.44 sq mi)
• 2023 estimate
50 (non-citizen)
CurrencyMaren (MIM)
Rupiah (IDR)
Time zoneUTC+7
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy
Driving sideleft
Calling code+62
RIS 002 codeMI

The People's Republic of Marhaenia (Indonesian: Republik Rakyat Marhaenia) or formerly known as the Socialist Republic of Marhaenia (Indonesian: Republik Sosialis Marhaenia) is a sovereign nation located in Southeast Asia. It is comprised of five provinces which is bordered to the Republic of Indonesia, and was founded by A.M. Marhaen on 13 March 2023.

Marhaenia is a unitary socialist people's republic headed by a president for life and a vice president who are appointed by the president or by the legislature through elections.


Marhaenia comes from the term Marhaen with the suffix -ia. Marhaen itself is a term referring to commoners of low-to-medium class citizens. In Marhaenism, a Marhaen is someone with the means of production but is also completely independent economically no matter how little they earn; whilst historically, it had always been used to refer proletarians originating of the Nusantara and its surrounding (the Southeastern Asia Continentum). As a result, derivations of socialism had always been historically tied to the area. In short, Marhaenia is a nation of the commoners, in the definition.



The People's Republic of Marhaenia was founded on 13 March 2023 as the Socialist Republic of Marhaenia by A.M. Marhaen with the help of several of his friends, starting with the drafting of the text of the declaration of independence, until the reading of the declaration of independence. Marhaenia's independence was finally achieved with the help of these friends, and the drafting of the constitution began. The constitution was finally ratified on 18 May 2023 and has been the fundamental law of the nation since then.

Reformation era

The reformation era is the term given to the era in which the People's Republic of Marhaenia began and continued to stabilize and reform important aspects of the nation. This era is officially considered to have begun with the declaration of independence and continues to the present day.

Politics and government

The Central Government of the People's Republic of Marhaenia is the nation's central administrative body. Marhaenia is a unitary presidential Marxist-Leninist people's republic with one-party system. The president is the head of state and head of government, and serves for life.

President and Vice President

The President of the People's Republic of Marhaenia is the head of state and head of government of Marhaenia. The president appoints the cabinet and is the commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces. The President is assisted by the Vice President.

People's Assembly

The People's Assembly is Marhaenia's legislative body. This assembly was established on 18 May 2023, as a successor for the National Council. Members of the People's Assembly are representatives of the people in the province who are elected through elections.

Law and order


The Armed Forces of the People's Republic of Marhaenia is the national military agency of Marhaenia. Founded on 22 March 2023, the agency has three branches, the Army, Navy and Air Force.

Foreign relations

Marhaenia's foreign relations, although not yet stipulated in a law, are "free and active". Even the foreign affairs are handled by the President. The following is a list of Marhaenia's foreign relations:


Unilateral recognitions

Bilateral recognitions

Diplomatic relations

Administrative regions

The territory of the People's Republic of Marhaenia is divided into several regions called "provinces". Below is the list:

Flag Name Population Area Capital
Province of Vlanderming TBA 1.30 km2 TBA
Province of Marxstad TBA 0.38 km2 TBA
Province of Leninsky TBA 1.12 km2 TBA
Province of Aidigrad TBA 0.53 km2 TBA
Province of Vraada TBA 0.39 km2 TBA

These provinces are further divided into smaller regions called "districts". Regarding these "districts", it is still unclear how it is defined, considering that there is still no law regarding these "districts" at this time.

Geography and climate






Marhaenia recognizes all public holidays in Indonesia.

The following table is a list of national holidays stipulated by the government of the People's Republic of Marhaenia:

Date English name Indonesian name
1 January New Year's Day Hari Tahun Baru
13 March Independence Day Hari Kemerdekaan
1 May International Workers' Day Hari Buruh Internasional
5 May Karl Marx's Day Hari Karl Marx
9 May Victory Day Hari Kemenangan
21 May Fall of Tyranny Day Hari Kejatuhan Tirani
18 June Anti-Imperialism Day Hari Anti-Imperialisme
21 July Nation's Founder's Day Hari Pendiri Bangsa
22 July Flag Day Hari Bendera
25 September National Peasants' Day Hari Tani Nasional
28 November Friedrich Engels's Day Hari Friedrich Engels

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  1. Berdikari is the acronym for "Berdiri di Atas Kaki Sendiri".
  2. Unofficial translation of the motto, not officially used by the government.

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