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Flag of Eintrachtia

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Flag of Eintrachtia
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Name National flag
Use National flag and ensign
Proportion 3:5
Adopted 9 December 2021
Design A Nordic styled cross with color sequence of blue, white, red, white, blue.
Designed by John I
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Name State ensign
Use State flag and ensign and war flag
Proportion 559:846
Adopted 9 December 2021
Design The national standard with a split end.
Designed by John I

The flag of Eintrachtia (German: Flagge von Eintrachtien, Portuguese: Bandeira de Eintrachtia) is a banner of arms of red, white and blue Nordic styled cross. The flag was designed by King John I, inspired by the flag of Iceland and notably a pattern which John I came across during a state visit in Hong Kong. The flag was proposed in the mid-term state conference in October 2021 and was approved and passed in December 2021. The flag of Eintrachtia is also featured in the shield in the Coat of arms of Eintrachtia, modified multiple times and the final one as the official adopted version in the same year of the adoption of the national flag.

The Blue Penguin Flag was the first flag ever adopted in the history of Eintrachtia—it was the official flag of the Penguins Republic since establishment until 2020, after which was the adoption of the flag of the Empire of Eintracia that featured a similar pattern to the current flag but with slight difference in overall colour and size. A plain white revolutionary flag was used by revolutionaries during the Concord Revolution which affected the monarchy system in Eintracia and a new constitutional monarchy was established in 2021 with the formation of Eintrachtia. The current flag was adopted officially on 9 December 2021.


The Blue Penguin Flag, flag of the Penguins Republic.

Penguins Republic (2017–2020)

The first flag of Eintrachtia, which at the time known as the Penguins Republic, was adopted on the day of the establishment of the state, on 30 May 2017. It was designed by King John I and consists of blue and white vertical bars with an image of a shape of a Penguin in the center of the flag. Also known as the "Blue Penguin Flag", the flag was used between May 2017 and October 2020 during the Penguins Period. The colour blue symbolised the colour of the Southern Ocean surrounding Antarctica and the colour white symbolised the ice and snow on the continent. Penguins were the national animal of the Penguins Republic and it is one of the most iconic animal of Antarctica and the southern hemisphere. It is also said the the colour represented purity and peace, which influenced the Concord Revolution and inspired the symbolism of the white revolutionary flag later in 2021.

Eintracia (2020–2021)

After the formation of the Republic of Eintracia, or the Empire of Eintracia, a new flag was adopted in 2020 and was also designed by John I. It shared a similar design of the current flag except with a thicker blue cross in the center and thinner white strips between them. It was used between 2020 and 2021, during the imperial period of the Empire of Eintracia, also known as the Republic of Eintracia within Eintracia proper due to the similarities to the governmental form of a republic.

The old constitution was overthrown in 2021 during the Concord Revolution. A flag was adopted by revolutionaries which was plain white, symbolising purity and peace and the ratio is 1:2. The revolutionaries proclaimed the State of Eintrachtia with the support of the King, and the flag of the revolution was raised in the Royal Palace. The revolution lasted for 2 weeks and was ended with the establishment of a new constitution, forming the Constitutional Republic of Eintrachtia. King John I designed the new flag based on the old flag and made the first flag of Eintrachtia with the original revolutionary flag that belonged to him.

Eintrachtia (2021–present)

The current flag was a redesign by John I in replacement of the original flag which was said to be "difficult to determine as the rather thick red stripe would merge with the white stipe to create a pinkish colour." It was adopted and made official on 9 December 2021. The new flag consists of a darker blue than the old one and with a thinner blue cross in the center and the white strips were made thicker hence. The new proportion was 3:5 instead of the old 1:2, King John I stated that the 1:2 proportion was difficult for the flag to be flown as it increases the overall weight and contact area of the flag. The new flag was also said to have made the cross easier to identify from a far position.

Design and symbolism

Flag construction sheet.

The flag consist of a cross in a Nordic style. It was designed by King John I with ideas from the Nordic styled Icelandic flag and a colour sequence which John I came across during a state visit in Hong Kong. The colour sequences were altered during the design and finally consists of blue, thin strip of white, thin strip of red, thin strip of white, blue along with the cross pattern which symbolizes the scene where Jesus was crucified, water and blood came out when a Roman solider pierced Jesus in the side; this symbolized the grace of sacraments, the help and forgiveness. As for the white stripe, it is also the meaning of the red and white ray in the Divine Mercy image.[1]

Flag of Eintrachtia.png

2021 – present

Navy Blue Crimson White
HEX #002364 #AF0000 #FFFFFF

Governmental and military standard flags

Roundel of Eintrachtia.

The state ensign, or the flag of the Government of Eintrachtia is the same as the national ensgin except with a split end, it is also used as a war flag. The flag of the Royal Navy of Eintrachtia is also one of the war ensigns of Eintrachtia, and is mostly flown by the Eintrachtian military on vehicles, carriers, ships, etc., only during war time. It can also be seen during some military practices but is recommended by law to not fly the flag as civilians on a daily basis to prevent unwanted misunderstandings.

Flags of governmental figures

Flag of governmental figures of Eintrachtia
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Name Royal Standard
Proportion 3:5
Adopted 2021
Design Royal and imperial symbols on each quarter, as well as combinations of the ensign of the air force and the Blue Penguin flag.
Designed by John I
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Name Chancellery Standard
Proportion 1:1
Adopted 2022
Design Chancellery Seal of Eintrachtia with texts "CHANCELLOR OF EINTRACHTIA" repeated around the Seal, with Ballister the Penguin and the Compass of Concorde. Navy blue background.
Designed by John I

The flag of Iceland is one of the inspirations to the design of the flag of Eintrachtia.

The royal standard has a centred corss of Ballister with four symbolic royal images on its quarters, each represents the colours on the national ensign, which is also arranged to be the ensign of the Royal Air Force; the representation of the blue penguin flag symbolises the Eintrachtian realms: Eintrachtia, Polarveinn; whereas the penguins of Ballister, with two crossed keys representing the crown realms of Eintrachtia and the Commonwealth. It can only be flown when the monarch is present, on the royal vehicles or royal buildings and structures, etc. When the monarch has left the area, it must be replaced immediately to signify the departure of the monarch.

The Chancellery standard or the flag of the Chancellor of Eintrachtia is the ensign of the serving Chancellor. It can be seen on the Chancellery Building or placed in conferences or meetings where the Chancellor is present in, its standard ratio is 1:1 and has the Chacellery Seal of Eintrachtia on a navy blue background. The first flag was adopted in 2021 and the frist change was made in 2022 and was re-adopted.

Flying the flag

The flag of Eintrachtia can be flown by any organisation or individual, and can be flown on any day. It shall not, however, be flown under bad weather conditions such as in storms or in cyclones as they may cause damage to the flag.


The flag will be flown on a half-mast by Government organisations under the following situations:

  • A national mourning day (individual). This might be the day of the death or the funeral of a national figure, or a person who has significant contributions to the nation.
  • A national remembrance day. This might be the day to remember a significant event that caused harm and damage to the country's people, economy, or stability; it could be the day of a natural disaster or an attack towards the nation (both physically and digitally) which caused enough harm to be remembered.


A torn flag is recommended by law to not be flown, if a flag is torn, it must be replaced as soon as possible. A torn and worn out flag should be retired in a respectful manner. To replace a flag, it have to be removed from the flag pole slowly to prevent further damage, then be folded. To dispose a flag, it can and is preferred to be burnt with permission.


Initially there were proposals on the new flag for Eintrachtia after the Concord Revolution in 2021, several designs were given out and the current ensign was made official after a round of vote in the Parliament. Following are the designs originally proposed before the adoption of the current flag.

Other flags

Flags of the counties of Eintrachtia

Each county has its own official flag and coat of arms, only flags are shown below.

Territorial flags of Eintrachtia

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