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Nivqaxzüüi (Mussian)
View of Hackefälla from the north-west shore on the Swedish side.
View of Hackefälla from the north-west shore on the Swedish side.
Location of Hackefälla (red) within Thulia (green)
Location of Hackefälla (red) within Thulia (green)
Country Thulia
Province established4 July 2023
Official languages
• Governor
• Total
0.01395 km2 (0.00539 sq mi)

Hackefälla, officially the Province of Hackefälla (Mussian: Rpecobćab Nivqaxzüüi), is a province of Thulia. It is the second largest administrative division of Thulia by area, with a size of 0.01395 km2, constituting 15.69% of Thulia's land area. Hackefälla is located on a group of islands in the River Svartån. The nearest province is Tortoise Island, being c. 100 meters upstreams.

The largest of the islands is partially connected to Sweden by the Hackefälla bridge, a dam made up of treetrunks. The bridge is accessible via a nearby road in Sweden. To cross the bridge one needs high rubber boots and a long stick to hold onto. On 4 July 2023, the boat in the picture was pulled out of the water and later turned into a ferry to serve as the Hackefälla ferry between Sweden and the islands.

Hackefälla bridge
The insular provinces of Thulia in relation to each other:
Tortoise Island (left), Hackefälla (middle), Upper Backa (upper right corner).
An aerial view of the islands.


The islands are mainly covered with trees, with thicker, longer trees in the middle and the smaller, thinner trees along the shorelines.