Republic of Xahastan

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Republic of Xahastan
Xahastaneko Errepublika (Basque)
Coat of Arms
Coat of arms
Motto: Sovereignty in Revolution
and largest city
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentDominant-Party Presidential Constitutional Republic
• President
Xabier Asensio
LegislatureGeneral People's Congress
Establishment29 March 2019
• Census
23 humans, 3 dogs
CurrencyXahastanian Rouble
Time zoneAustralian Eastern Standard Time

Xahastan, officially the Republic of Xahastan is a micronation based in Sydney, Australia. It was founded in 2019 by Xabier Asensio and is friend Tony Arbetson, the state currently has a population of 23 and has one major city. In 2021 the state renounced Marxism-Leninism and had its first free election where the Xahastanian Nationalist Workers Party won 15 out of 20 seats.


The Republic of Xahastan was founded on 29 March 2019 as the Xahastan Free State by Xabier Asensio and Tony Arbetson, Tony crowning himself monarch for life, there was much dispute about the government of the nation, Xabier believed it should be ruled as a socialist republic while Tony believed it should be ruled as a monarchy. Shortly after the foundation of the state Xabier Asensio was exiled and the the name of the state was officially changed to the Principality of Xahastan and the first elections were held, with Tony's proxy party the Xahastanian National Party winning 100% percent of the vote. the election was widely regarded as rigged. The Principality of Xahastan officially opened to tourists on the 19 June 2019 with the "Visit Xahastan Year 2019" campaign.

On the 29th of August 2019, the monarchy announced democratic reforms and the disassemblement of the Xahastanian National Party. Tony then abdicated on behalf of his 5 year old son and on the 5th of September the Xahastanian Socialist Union lead a bloodless coup against the monarchy and Prince Arbetson. The Principality of Xahastan then changed its name to the Free Republic of Xahastan. Shortly after the removal of the monarchy, founder Xabier Asensio formed a Free Officers Movement and on 15 March 2020 the Free Officers Movement lead a coup d'état against the republic installing a Marxis-Leninist regime. on the 7th of September, the government allowed multi-party elections to take place. the following day the state de-nationalised its major industries and renounced Marxism Leninism. The Republic of Xahastan is currently involved in the Sydney World War.


The Republic of Xahastan is landlocked and borders Australia around its entire boundary. Despite being landlocked the Xahastan lays claim to a small stretch of Johnstons Creek and has a naval unit stationed in the area to protect its interest in the creek and Rozell Bay. The territory controlled by Xahastan is mostly, but not completely, coincident with the structures they reside in. the territory includes 2 cities and towns, and 4 communes, with a total of 7 localities (counting the unincorporated ones as well). It also has a further 2 communes within the Johnstons Creek Military Protectorate. The main transportation route in Prinsdinovia is a walkway that spans around the entirety of the oval. The climate is temperate continental with subtropical characteristics. There is one airport located in Xahastan: Reqqen-Xahastan World Gateway International Airport.

Administrative Divisons

The Republic of Xahastan has three core states: the Capitol, which encases the capital city of Reqqen, The Conjolan which is located on the south cost of the Australian content and the Prinsdiovian, which is a large sports oval located in the inner west suburb of camperdown.

Political status

All UN member states consider Xahastan a legal part of the Commonwealth of Australia. Only the partially recognised micronations of Nguyenistan, Badu Park, and the Empire of Douglas Grant Park, have recognised Xahastan as a sovereign entity after it declared independence from Australia in 2019 with Reqqen as its declared capital. There are border issues between Xahastan and Australia but no action has been taken on either sides.

The following nations are formally recognized by the Republic of Xahastan and maintain diplomatic relations:

The Republic of Xahastan has also given support (ideologically) to many armed militant groups. There is no relationships between Xahastan and any of these groups. The groups that Xahastan has given official support to are: National Liberation Army (ELN), Communist Party of India, Free Papua Movement, Real Irish Republican Army, Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, Shining Path, Communist Party of the Philippines, Kurdistan Workers' Party, National Liberation Front of Corsica, Resistência Galega, Boricua Popular Army and the Zapatista Army of National Liberation. The Republic of Xahastan previously supported ETA up until its dis-establishment. The Republic of Xahastan only declares one group as a terrorist organisation: Free Xahastan Movement.

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The Republic of Xahastan is a presidential republic. The president is directly elected for a maximum of two consecutive five-year terms. The current President is Xabier Asensio. The General People's Congress is a unicameral legislature. It theoretically has 25 members who are elected for 5-year terms. Elections take place within a multi-party system. The majority in the Parliament of Xahastan belongs to the Xahastan National Socialist Party that defeated the Pacific Socialist Union affiliated with George Smith in 2022 and is projected to perform even better in the upcoming 2026 elections. Elections in Xahastan are not recognised by international bodies such as the South Pacific Commission, as well as numerous individual countries, who called them a source of increased rebellion against the Australian government.

Executive power is exercised by the government. Legislative power is vested in both the government and parliament. The president is elected by popular vote. The latest parliamentary elections were held in 2021; however, they were not monitored by international organisations such as the South Pacific Commission, which has expressed doubts about the level of democracy in the region, and were not recognized by other countries.

There is disagreement as to whether elections in Xahastan are free and fair. Organizations, such as the Annandale Democratic Municipal Park Occupation Force and Military Treaty Organisation (ADMPOFMTO), have declared that no democratic elections can take place in the region and have refused to even monitor them. Both major parties engage in forms of voter intimidation and voter tampering. The official ideology of the state is Xabierist Socialism which is based on a theory of Xahastanian nationalism with economic aspects of socialism incorporated into it.

2021 Elections

Some parties and publications were banned. Such as the Free Xahastan Movement, which was a party running on a campaign of re-unification with Australia. The party was banned under the motive that the party's policies promoted treason. In November 2021 the the Xahastanian customs service banned the distribution of two publications: 'National Tribune' and 'Manifesto of the Pacific Socialist Union'. The reason cited was that both publications promoted and encouraged political violence from voters. The Australian Workers Party won the election, but the legitimacy of this victory has been doubted.

Political Parties

Flag Name Ideology Number of Seats Leader
Australian Workers Party - Xahastan Party Xabierist Socialism
12 / 20
Xabier Asensio
NLF-NP Right-wing populism, Conservatism
1 / 20
Xahastanian Pacific Socialist Union Democratic socialism, Anglophone, Xahastanian Nationalism
7 / 20
George Smith


The Xahastanian Defence Force is responsible for the defence of the Republic of Xahastan. It is separated into 3 branches: The Army, Air Force and Navy. There is also an auxiliary Civil Defence Force. The Xahastanian Defence Force was created upon the foundation Republic of Xahastan, it began its life as the Royal Xahastanian Army under the Principality of Xahastan. When the monarchy was disassembled it adopted its current name. Upon the foundation of a socialist government the Xahastanian Defence Force bought a large former soviet weapons depot contains guns, tanks and aircraft. The Xahastanian Defence Force also bought a slew of ex Soviet navy ships.

The Ministry of Internal Security is the intelligence agency of the Xahastanian Defence Force and works closely with it in surveillance. The Ministry of Socialist Security was formed from the merger of the Royal Security Association, Republican International Police and the Worker's Police of the Worker's Revolutionary Party.

Demographics & Religion

According to the Xahastanian census conducted in 2022, the population 99% Australian and 1% Basque. RoX statistics show that 98% of the Prinsdinovian population is atheist, and the other 2% practice the religion of Church of Parlew. The Republic of Xahastan is officially atheist but unofficially the offical religion is Japittism