Republic of Polstowia

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Republic of Polstowia
Republik Polstowia (German)
Flag of Republic of Polstowia
Coat of arms of Republic of Polstowia
Coat of arms
Motto: "One combined, one world wide"
Anthem: "55 Tage in Peking"
("55 days in Peking")
and largest city
Other languagesEnglish
GovernmentOligarchy Presidential Republic
• President
Emil P
• Governor
David Griffiths
Establishment15 August 2021
(formally Ethom)
28 July 2022 (Polstowia)
• Total
0.0093 km2 (0.0036 sq mi)
• 2023 estimate
CurrencyPound sterling (GBP)
Australian dollar (AUD)
Euro (EUR)
Time zoneGreenwich Mean Time (GMT)
Central European Time (CET)
Australain Eastern Standard Time (AEST)

The Republic of Polstowia, more commonly known as Polstowia, is a micronation located Northwestern Europe and south-eastern coast of Australia. Majority of Polstowian states are surrounded by the Celtic Sea, Bass Strait and the North sea.


The term "Polstowia" traditionally refers to the whole nation. It is sometimes used as appellation for the president.


The term "Kiemer" (kˈiːmɚ) is used as a synonym for Polstowian branches and government. The word Kiemer originated from the words key master or keyholder. Kiemer is the holder or key of Polstowia, this is reason behind why branches and the government uses the word 'Kiemer' instead of 'Polstowian'.



On 15 August 2021, Polstowia was formed, known formally as Ethom, under Gorthian influence. After a period between September to October, the nation was disregarded. On the 10 October 2021, the nation deformed and put under Gorthian occupation from as a offer until the nation could emerge again.

Communist era

In late 2021 in December, Polstowia, still known as Ethom, reformed under the ideology of communism. After the nation's return, it grew in influence, causing a micronation, Karnidid, to be manufactured using the same ideology. On the 31 December 2021, the nation introduced Karnidid to Gorth, later establishing an alliance, called 'The Gorthian Alliance', between the three nations. During the early situation between Russia and Ukraine, Gorth and Ethom would unite when the war commenced. This was later forgotten.

Latter Ethom

During May 2022, Ethom renounced the communism and succeeded Welsh nationalism. Throughout Ethom's reform, Karnidid inquired about becoming an autonomous region within Ethom, later concluded on the 11th of May. Between the 17th to 24th of May, Ethom inaugurated the 5 states; Dashelton (formally Dasheltion), Valeidia (formerly Valestone), Haniefield (formerly Stepaland) and Stephshire. The state Knätct was formed 4 days after, originally named Knåth.

30 May, KOP, known as KGRR, was manufactured as a rank system.[1] At the time, no official government was in place until late June. On the 10 June, Scilopcian and Øceimiå (formerly Øceimiä) were established, forming a type of 'pact' which was later became inoperative.[2] The next few days after, Scilopcian and the president discussed splitting Scilopcian into a north, south, east and west. This became successful, although later disbanded after Scilopcian citizens withdrawn, leaving West Scilopcian as a whole. Up until the 25th of June, where Markrie visited Stephshire's new location, the nation went into tranquillity for the next few days.

Polsto-Suttieton war

On the 28th of June, a former friend of the president, declared a conflict, their main goal being to eradicate Ethom. Mostly attacking the capital, Markrie put up a inconsiderable defence system. This system eventually came as Suttieton's vulnerability, making Ethom attack nimbly. The war concluded on the 3rd of July, with a final confrontation between the two nations, which precipitated a quarrel.


On July 14th 2022, Ethom announced a full change to the nation, including flags, names and coat of arms.[3] This was finished on the 1st of August, originating the name Polstowia and the demonym, Polstowian. During this time, Polstowian's only German state, Knätct, relocated from Rhineland Palatinate to Lower Saxony. Four days after this change, Markrie, Stephshire and Karnidid sojourned in Dashelton, authoritatively completing the change - this was also the first time reviewing Skybus.

St Martins, taken on the 3th of August when visiting Dashelton.


Geography in Polstowia is focused on culture and beauty. Such as national dish, Polstowian mash potato by two different ways (Dashelton & Markrie), Flap jacks and other sorts of delights from Polstowian's own recipe. Polstowian beauty is revolved around state near the sea, mostly being sunsets.


Climate isn't the hottest out of all of the world. Although the last humidity wasn't so long ago. In this week (31st of October 2022 - 6 of November 2022) according to the forecast, the forecast has been quite dull. And will be for most of this week coming.

Beauty in Polstowia
Sunset near Knätct. (Polstowian beauty)
Climate data for Climate heat in Markrie
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Record high °C (°F) 17.6
Average high °C (°F) 7
Average low °C (°F) 3
Record low °C (°F) -11.3
[citation needed]

To bear in mind, Markrie has the same climate has the most of England. But could sometimes be different, occurring very rarely.


Culture in Polstowia is mainly on Wales and Celtic origins. Culture also contains the exploring group and kayak riding in Kiemer's Royal navy of Polstowia (KRNP). Culture also contains local sunsets, which is a iconic state of beauty.

Polstowian music is based of folk lore, civil songs. A progam called PNP (Polstowian radio) was made sometime ago yet got discontinued. This was a video program we set up for our videos on Tiktok.

Sport in Polstowia is not a thing we mainly do. Although, Polstowians would do swimming in Valeidia and hiking in Stephshire. Races on bikes in Markrie are used around the local area, races are also kayak racing usually done on Isles of Scilly.

Nationals culture and logos

National anthem

The Polstowian anthem is a colonial song, 55 tage in Peking. The reasoning behind this song in Polstowia is based from lyrics in the song. 'Es waren 11 Nationen, die fest und ohne Rang' (Eng: There were 11 Nations that stood together firmly) is meaning for the 11 states Polstowia owns, all which are loyal to it's nation which is for the reason of 'firmly', this brings onto other point later on in the next verse, 'jeder für sein Vaterland' (Eng: Each one for his country) where each citizen stands for their nation.

Full song: 55 Tage in Peking

National flag

The flag of Polstowia has frequently changed. Yet keeping the one it has now from 28th December 2022.

The first flag used in 15 August 2021 - Ethom's flag.
Communist flag, used in the communist era.
The first traditional Polstowian color used on a flag. For the 'Republic of Ethom'
First constitutional monarch flag.

The first flag used for the constitutional monarchy, was still using the Nordic cross, which was representing where Polstowia had the Norwegian state. The crown, stands for the monarch, this crown was used from the royal coat of arms. The stars were there to represent each country states were from. The biggest star is for the capital.

Present day flag.

The flag Polstowia uses contains a tri-colour. Each star is to represent the main states, Markrie and Dashelton. The colours in the tri-colour meanings are:

Black: This is used to show Polstowian heritage, defeat of enemies, which in this case referrers to the Suttieton war. Black can be used to show determination for the citizens. 'Thou shall not betray his country, he must follow the ways to make a civilized future.' - Polstowian rule book, motto for black.

Traditional Polstowian blue - As usual this theme of blue is seen most in Polstowian logos and flags. This particular blue is used for the fog that sweeps over Land's End to Isles of Scilly and the grey blue waters that the vessels go across by.

White - Meaning purity. Every Polstowian has the right to freedom. If one is exiled, thou is not allowed to re-join the nation. - bear in mind this quote is only applied to those who betray the country, if one leaves by themselves, they are more than welcome to join back.

National animal

The national animal is budgie, which from the Polstowian royal family, (formerly a budgie named Zazu) owns the budgie Rio.

National dish

The national dish in Polstowia is mash potato, made in two ways from Dashelton and Markrie. Both have their own names, Dashain way & Markrain way. (This is inspired by the way of scones in Devon and Cornwall)


Holidays vary from state to state, how Knätct celebrates Oktoberfest although others can celebrate if they want to. Holidays in the actual Polstowian nation is used by all states.

1st holiday starts in January where on the 15th, it would be our leader's birthday. This would be celebrated by either flags or print out of the royalist flag shown around states, things like confetti, balloons or anything party wise would be thrown either in gardens or in houses. Some states and also royal members would be invited to join Emil on their own party celebrated about the 17th or 15th.

Most holidays are in February for many birthdays and celebrations of loved ones. First celebration is on the 9th. This is for our beloved nan who past away in September. This is where we would do silent moments to remember her. States are expected to celebrate these birthday but if they forget, then it's totally understandable and nothing would happen. Next is a birthday for our young royalist on the 28th. Although cards and gifts by states can be given as well as parties. If the 28th isn't next year for February, the birthday celebration would be done on the 27th.

Other states are welcome to celebrate their own birthdays if they wish.

National holidays traditionally made in Polstowia are:

25th May (Restoration of Charles the II for ancestors.)

15th August (Celebrating the day Polstowia was made)

3rd July (EK day, later named KP day for the last final and victory of the war of Suttieton)


Polstowian relations are to do with allies on other nations. Although some nations are well known more than others.


Principality of Sealand

Republic of Molossia

Socialist Republic of Hoku (holds diplomacy)

Republic of Orlek

Holstonian Empire

Socialist Republic of Cristoria (holds diplomacy)

Socialist Kingdom of Øceimiå (holds diplomacy)

Federation of Gorthia (holds diplomacy) Princepality of Narata & Xanadu


Micronation of Suttieton

Kingdom of Huntia


Other Information

This is where we shall post new things happening if there is something we should mention, we'll say it bellow here.

- Changed from a republic to a constitutional monarchy. (October 19th 2022)

-Changed the government. (October 2022)

-Changed the anthem to '55 tage in Peking' (November 7th 2022)

- Polstowia changed regime to a republic (March 11th 2023) * More information: Polstowian Regime Change 2023

- Kiemer's Space Force constructed. (May 5th 2023)