Secretary General of the Association of Indonesian Micronations

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Secretary General of the Association of Indonesian Micronations
Jeremy I

since 16 July 2021
NominatorChairman of AIM
Term length4 months
Inaugural holderAdriansyah Yassin Sulaeman
Formation11 July 2011(Establishment)
20 July 2019 (Restoration by AIM Charter)
Last holderTommy N. (2016 abolition)

Secretary General of the Association of Indonesian Micronations (Indonesian: Sekretaris Jenderal) is the highest title reserved for individual in the Association of Indonesian Micronations. It is the chief officer of the organisation that manages day-to-day activities of the organisation. The Secretary General presides over the General Secretariat, a departement with specialised subdivisions inside AIM.

The title was previously designated as the top on the leadership of AIM since its establishment in July 2011, with Adriansyah Yassin Sulaeman as the inaugural holder. Three individuals occupied the position until 2015, when the last secretary general Tommy N. resigned, and was replaced by Indokistan as acting chairman. Indokistani acting chairmanship later started a precedent that led to replacement of the secretary general to the chairman title in July 2016.

Amendment on the AIM Charter in July 2019 allows the restoration of secretary general title that was separated from the Chairman. While the Chairman will remain presided by micronation, secretary general would be presided by an individual.

Jeremy I of Sofidelonia is the current secretary general since 16 July 2021, after his nomination by Chairman St. John was accepted by the General Assembly.


Establishment until first disbandment

After its founding in July 2011, founding members Indokistan and Los Bay Petros send their representatives to the newly-formed assembly based in Dredim, Los Bay Petros in order to elect the first leader for AIM. Los Bay Petrosian Adriansyah Yassin Sulaeman was elected as the first leader, defeating Farhan Abbas and Mustafa Hakim, both from Indokistan.

Initially the leadership has no term limit, with Adriansyah Yassin only replaced by Rayhan Haikal in 2013 after he was forced to resign in order to start a leadership regeneration inside AIM. After appointment of Rayhan as his successor, it was decided that leadership would be rotated every three months, on which Rayhan was failed to comply and instead runs until 29 August 2014, when he was only dismissed after Omahkulon leader Tommy N. filed a complaint to the High Court and demanded for his removal.

After dismissal of Rayhan, court orders actually ordered new Secretary General to be elected immediately, which was failed to be held in August 2014, and instead only took place in January 2015, with Tommy N. as victor after an election against his only rival Aziz Pahlevi of Indokistan. His sudden resignation in April 2015 causing Indokistan (as a country) replaced Tommy as acting Chairman, based on its reserve power as permanent member of Security Council. On this period, term "Chairman" was for the first time used to refer to the leadership of AIM, with Secretary General position immediately fell out of favor. Indokistan, as acting chairman, was expected to immediately set an election to appoint new leader, which was failed to be held, and instead runs the office for more than one year.

Indokistan as ordered by its dissolution decree, held an emergency meeting in order to transfer leadership of AIM in June 2016, as the country would be dissolved on 5 July. Inside that meeting, it was decided that the leadership of AIM would be shifted from an individual to a country, so that Indokistani leadership would be continued by fellow member states instead of individual. It was also decided that leadership would be rotated alphabetically, making leadership election unnecessary. In 1 July 2016, Arkapore was appointed as the new chairman, handed over power from Indokistan as the pioneer starting new leadership system inside AIM.


Consideration to restore the Secretary General title was for the first time proposed by Tian Abdurrahman of Arkapore in early 2019, yet was rejected because the prevailing idea in the organisation was to ensure a very simple institution with minimum personnel as possible. The proposal was again promoted by member states during the amendment process of the AIM Charter in July 2019, and at this time was accepted, currently with Excellent joining hands. Advocates for the restoration argued that the restoration of the title will relieve enormous tasks the Chairman must perform, with Secretary General will taking over mainly administrative tasks on the organisation. Secretary General title was officially restored in 29 July 2019, as the draft of the Charter was ratified by member states.

After the restoration, the position was left vacant for 3 months, mainly because of failure among member states to agreed on proposed candidates most suited to chair the secretariat. Initial proposal was to nominate Mustafa Hakim of Suwarnakarta Institute, but it was problematic because of Suwarnakarta Institute status as non-micronation observer. The issue was made more complicated when member states clashed over different interpretations on articles related to election of the secretary general on the Charter, while some members declared that only member states citizens are able to be nominated, other members argued that the Chairman could nominate basically anyone for the position. With no more potential candidate arise, interpretation on the Charter was successfully settled, and Mustafa was only officially nominated by the Chairman on 17 September 2019. His nomination was accepted by the General Assembly later on 20 September.

AIM Charter amendment in 10 April 2020 modify Secretary General term limit from 6 months to only 4 months. The office remain synchronised with the Chairman that saw term limit modification as well.

After Harjakarta accession as the AIM Chairman, the country nominates Eri Septio to replace Mustafa Hakim that wished to not to be appointed for the third term. Eri Septio nomination was accepted by the General Assembly on 2 May 2020, and became the second secretary general after the restoration of the title in 2019. Muhammad Azka of Litania later took over office from 6 September 2020, after his nomination by Chairman Jomblonisme was accepted by the General Assembly.


As dictated by the Charter, Secretary General main functions are to manage day-to-day administration and secretarial tasks. Secretary General presides over the General Secretariat, that consists of specialised departments established to support daily tasks of the organisation. Secretary General term length is 4 months without any term limit, as it serves on the pleasure of the Chairman. Potential candidate for Secretary General is nominated by the Chairman and is approved by the General Assembly.

List of secretary generals

No. Name Micronation Term of office
1 Adriansyah Yasin Sulaeman  Federal Republic of Los Bay Petros 11 July 2011 July 2013
Elected democratically by citizens of both founding micronations of AIM, Indokistan and Los Bay Petros. Reinstates the informal nature in AIM, as it is only a gathering place, and should not to create any binding regulations for member states. Influential on ordering members to not to accept Fiharaya and Santos to the community in the end of 2011. Manages to lead the organisation on rivalry against Indonesian Micronational League, ended on AIM eventual domination inside Indonesian sector.
2 Rayhan Haikal  Federal State of Indokistan July 2013 29 August 2014
Oversaw the planned AIM Games and relaying process of AIM torch in March 2014. Dismissed after AIM High Court orders in August 2014 for ruling beyond his term limit.

Position vacant (August 2014 - January 2015)

3 Tommy N. Drastharaya January 2015 March 2015
Ascended chair after his victory on the AIM Chairman elections in December 2014 against his only rival Aziz Pahlevi of Indokistan. Created the current Constitution for AIM and ratifying controversial resolution to expel Los Bay Petros, one of the founding members of AIM in February 2015 for inactivity. Resigned in March 2015 after conflicts inside his home country Drastharaya forcing him to divert focus to Drastharaya.
~  Federal State of Indokistan
Acting Chairman
March 2015 1 July 2016
Immediately took power from resigning Tommy N. based on their reserve power as permanent member of the Security Council. It was planned to be temporary as Indokistan also ordered to held a new election to elect secretary general, which was failed to took place and instead ruled for more than a year. Handed over power to Arkapore in 1 July 2016 before Indokistani dissolution in 5 July.

Reformed as Chairman (July 2016 - September 2019)

4 Mustafa Hakim Suwarnakarta Institute
20 September 2019 2 May 2020
First Secretary General in 3 years after restoration of the title, his nomination by Excellent was approved by the General Assembly in 20 September 2019. Reconfirmed by Falalia to continue his office in 2 January 2020. Founded AIM News Network in 3 March 2020 and proposed the establishment of AIM Museum in the end of April 2020. Wishes to not to be reappointed for the third term in order to kickstart regeneration process in AIM.
5 Eri Septio Priangga Jomblonisme 2 May 2020 1 September 2020
His nomination by AIM Chairman Harjakarta was unanimously accepted by the General Assembly on 2 May 2020. Took a more prominent role as chair of General Assembly meeting sessions after formation of acting chairman council following Harjakarta dissolution in 3 July 2020.
6 Muhammad Azka I Litania 6 September 2020 1 January 2021
His nomination by AIM Chairman Jomblonisme was accepted by the General Assembly on 6 September 2020. His origin from Litania raises speculation that a precedent of appointing politicians from member state next in line of the chairmanship would occur - the speculation proved false as Litania appointed King Jan II from Halenesia to succeed Muhammad Azka I instead.
7 King Jan II Halenesia 2 January 2021 16 July
His nomination by AIM Chairman Litania was accepted by the General Assembly on 2 January 2021. The youngest individual to ever presides over the secretary general position, and the first to propose himself to run for office.
8 Jeremy I Sofidelonia 16 July 2021 Incumbent
His nomination by AIM Chairman St. John was accepted by the General Assembly on 16 July 2021.


Eri Septio PrianggaMustafa HakimIndokistanTommy N.Rayhan HaikalAdriansyah Yassin Sulaeman