Westsylvania (2011)

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Motto: Freedom For All
and largest city
Official languagesPittsburghese
• Head of State
Mac Coat
EstablishmentJuly 19, 2011
• Census
CurrencyDale Empire Pound
Time zoneEST (UTC -5)
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Pennsylvania Provisional Government
Westsylvania (Dale Commonwealth)
North Crawford

Westsylvania is a micronation founded on July 19, 2011 that borders the Eniarkian Confederation to the west, North Crawford to the north and the United States to the east claiming the Southern half of Crawford. The nation had a notable dispute between North and South which led to the secession of North Crawford and later the ongoing Westsylvania War. However, the nation itself seems to be a secessionist movement as the government has criticized the United States.


The micronation was founded on the land of Crawford County. But the Crawford County had some problems. Power was based on population and most of the population lived in Meadville. So that means that the county became a de facto monarchy. The rest of the people that didn't live in Meadville, angry at the Meadville power monopoly, formed a militia and captured Meadville. After capturing Meadville, Crawford County was renamed Westsylvania and declared independence both on the midnight of July 19, 2011.

North Crawford independence


The former head of the army of Westsylvania called Westsylvania "too corrupt to fix" and gained a positive response from his commentary in North Crawford.[1] The Westsylvanian government, attempting to avoid a civil war, granted them independence however it would only be official on October 1, 2011.[2]


The hostilities began with a capture of Townville. After that attack Westsylvania forces retreat to Fort Mich. Battles continues on the border while North Crawford tries to break Westsylvanian defences.

Economic System

"The people have more power than the state. They also in charge of were dose the money go. Recently we have been spending in updating our military. The State is the body that enforces the laws and defense of the nation.
Now the people is in charge of the economic decisions. They also own the factories (Like Capitalism). But it differs from Capitalism in the way that the lack of classes. This means that the people money enters though a filter and the wealth is spread throughout the population (Like Communism). But because the people have more power than the government. That also means that the people are in charge of "splitting the pot"." - Mac Coat 

Westsylvania map.png


The government holds little political power. Instead Westsylvania relies on the people in the nation to decide what the nation does.


When Westsylvania agreed to join the Dale Commonwealth one of the arrangements is that the Westsylvanian Army would be added under the control of the Dale Army. Westsylvania relies on a elite milita called the Westsylvania Territorial Guard, under control of the Dale Army since december 31st 2011. Even with the Westsylvania Territorial Guard being under control of the Dale Army Westsylvania still has on field command over the unit because of communication time gap between the Dale Army headquarters in Woking City and Westsylvania.


Westsylvania has a navy.  

Naval Territory of Macadonia and Jamesistain 

Westsylvania Navy annex Macadonia and Jamesistain. Macadonia is a peninsula in Canandaigua Lake. Macadonia has been heavy explored by the navy and annex. Jamesistain is a forest that is also on the lake. Jamesistain lightly explored and also annex by the navy. Jamesistain lacks a beach head so most trips to Jamesistain are over land from Macadonia. 

Navy ships
Name Type Notes
WNS Thunderbolt Kayak First Ship in Westsylvania Navy


The territory of Westsylvania is the entire county of Crawford in Pennsylvania. Also Westsylvania partly governs the Joint Territory of the Pymatuning Lake Islands with the Eniarkian Confederation.  And they own a colony called ColonyWestsylvania.png Westsylvania Colony of Palmer Archipelago.


Westsylvania National Football Team is in the VMFA. Also they have a Westsylvania IAA Team.

Plans for the Nation

Westsylvania has plans for a air force, passports and currency.

Contact Info


Diplomatic Relations


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North Crawford[3]

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References and notes

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  3. The nations are bound by treaties, even though they are both enemies.


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