Zepranan-Pearlocha Crisis

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Zepranan-Pearlocha Crisis
Date21st February 2022 - 25th February 2022
Result Coalition partial victory
Zeprana withdraws all its claims and apologizes for the raids it committed as well as being disestablished
Terry Mckeen established a new nation called Republic of Pearlocha relays claim to disputed areas and apology is withdrawn.
Salanda issues a final ultimatum calling for peacekeepers to to be established in Pearlocha to maintain peace and stability.
Zeprana becomes an Elarian Realm and Charles Madgett becomes Head of State.
Coalition disestablishes Pearlocha leading to the end of the crisis.
  • Pearlocha (23 February 2022 - 25 February 2022)

Anti-Zepranan Coalition

The Zepranan-Pearlocha crisis, also known as the Zeprana-Pearlocha war, is a diplomatic dispute between the Commonwealth of Zeprana and various other Micronations over various topics such as the Dilu Island dispute, Ocean States-Zeprana War , the raid on Norton and other conflicts. The conflict stemmed from tensions between the Commonwealth of Zeprana and the Micronational Assembly with all M.A. Members and Zepranan Allies being divided.

This dispute was originally dubbed the "Zepranan Cold War" by Terry McKeen, with its participants, real or imagined, being grouped into a pro-Zepranan "Allies" and an anti-Zepranan "Axis", mimmicking World War II nomenclature. All references to historical conflicts were removed as the conflict progressed. The name "McKeen War", coined by Maximilian I of Wynnland on 21 February, was misleading and inaccurate, since not one shot has been fired in the "war" and most states who were stated to be involved at some point were completely unaware of it.

On Tuesday the 22nd of February the conflict was declared concluded (however the conflict restarted again) due to summits which were held through mediators, Zeprana under Terry McKeen agreed to withdraw its claims of the Dilu Island and made a public apology for raiding Norton’s server and Zeprana was disestablished, in return Salanda agreed to end the conflict. Despite this agreement, Zepranan and Salandarian leadership continue to fight over the contents of this article, with McKeen claiming the evidence implicating him in the Norton raid to be forged. The crisis restarted again on the 23rd February when Pearlocha was established and put back it’s previous claims violating the treaty.

On 24 February 2022, Zeprana became an Elarian Realm, where the Head of State Charles Madgett would then declare the crisis to no longer involve Zeprana or the Republic of Pearlocha, where he refuted that McKeen had again put back it's claims. On the 25th Salanda updated the Pearlocha page listing it as disestablished since all claims to other nation’s territorial integrity were withdrawn a second time with the crisis fully coming to an end.


The McKeen War stems from a variety of intermicronational disputes such as the Dilu Island dispute, Ocean States-Zeprana War, Pontunia-Ocean States War, and rising Zepranan-Micronational Assembly tensions.

Diplomatic Responses

  •  Salanda - Salandarians were disgusted that Zeprana had listed them as an ally after they had tried to nuke the State of Norton’s an ally of Kingdom of Salanda discord’s server. In response to Zeprana listing them as an ally Salanda having no previous knowledge of a conflict declared its support for nations who are against Zeprana and Salanda has now entered this conflict to fight diplomatically against Zeprana by using sanctions. Salandarian officials have warned Zeprana to make a state apology for raiding and trying nuking servers such as Norton and to withdraw all ongoing claims such as the Dilu Island Dispute in a final ultimatum or face severe diplomatic sanctions.
  •  Fesmar - Morwenna Fydtroust took the chance to have a laugh, Fesmar condemned Zeprana and called the situation "Childish but funny as hell"
  •  Zeprana - Terry McKeen III called the conflict "foolish" and cited that it is not a "hot war" and called for a peaceful solution
  •  Pontunia - The King, despite having forged diplomatic relations, has stated the Pontunia has no stance in the situation, though has questions regarding the reason why this is a conflict.
  • Hellenistic Empire of Cimbrun - Cimbrun supports the Anti-Mckeen Coalition diplomatically.
  •  Nexan Republic - The Chancellor after hearing about the existence of a conflict stated: "Wait we're in a war?" The Nexan Republic then stated it would not involve itself in such petty affairs, as its current focus is internal affairs.
  •  East Galway Commune - The commune condemned Terry for his past actions against Commune citizens.
  •  Penn Federal Republic - Devin Purcell, the President of the Penn Federal Republic had a similar reaction to that of Christina I & II, saying "what the actual f**k is going on?"
  •  Paloma - Aidan McGrath. the President and General Secretary of Paloma state that he "doesn't care" when asked about the topic.
  • Gunakian Empire - Emperor Allensby "Well well McKeen, quite the predicament you appear to be in. All well deserved." The Gunakian Empire having entered in on the 25th of February 2022, which happened to be the Emperors 13th birthday, has begun basic propaganda. And is using tactical analysis against the opponent, while waiting upon the rest of the coalitions actions.
  •  Waterside Park - Larry Martin, the monarch of Waterside Park, was recorded in a Grand Unified Micronational Quorum as stating, "Terry McKeen is smelly."
  • Begon - Christoph Billung said "Literally nobody in Begon has cared about Terry, but there have been several memes generated in Begon@D because of him. That I am thankful for." The Tsar issued a censure of Terry following the discovery of his plot to convince a Constituent Leader within Begon to secede from the Tsardom. His citizenship was not revoked, however.


  • On 22 February 2022, a recall referendum was called to remove incumbent Second Vice President of Richensland McKeen from office. The referendum failed and McKeen continues serving the office till this day.
  • The Dilu island dispute ended for a second time on the 25th February with Pearlocha withdrawing all claims.