Akkan Times

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The Akkan Times
FormatOnline newspaper
Political alignmentNeutral
WebsiteThe Akkan Times

The Akkan Times is a privately ran online newspaper located in the Islamic Emirate of Acre. The newspaper predominantly covers political news and events, and occasionally runs opinion pieces.

The Times began life as the Akkan Policy Institute, a state-ran company created to poll citizens in the lead-up to the February 2020 general election. The Institute was relied upon to gauge popular opinion and its fluctuations between elections, and also polled citizens prior to the October 2020 general election.

In early November 2020, it was suggested that the Policy Institute branch out into political news and commentary. At the time however, Prime Minister Ben Adelman was wary of establishing a state-ran media company, and so sold the Institute to a private citizen for a nominal fee. The Policy Institute was in turn rebranded into the Akkan Times.

The Akkan Times continues to act as Acre's only polling company, though this is now only one aspect of the company's multi-faceted media presence. Some have accused the Times of maintaining a bias in favour of the Conservative Party - the identity of the private citizen who bought the Times remains anonymous, and some speculate that it is a political ally of Adelman.