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District of Acre
Country Islamic Emirate of Acre
Created25 January 2020
 • Total43.4 km2 (16.8 sq mi)
 • Total254,000
WebsiteMap of Acre

Haifa is a district and city located in the Islamic Emirate of Acre. By population it is Acre's largest district, encompassing almost all of its namesake city. By area it is the second largest, behind only Kiryat Bialik which contains most of Haifa's eastern suburbs. The district is also the site of the Akkan Parliament, located in Paris Square.


As Acre's largest district, Haifa is also its most politically diverse. The city's hillside suburbs tend to vote for the Liberal Union, though substantial pockets of Conservative and Labor Zionist support persist. Most voters in the Arab-dominated areas near the Haifa port vote for the People's Democratic Union; nearby, the constituency of Al-Khalisa elects Acre's only Communist MP. In the north-west, the vote is split between the Peace & Equality Party, the Labor Zionist Party and the Movement for the Homeland, supported by Arab Christians and Druze, Israelis and Russian-speaking Israelis respectively.

Members of Parliament Population Area
  Liberal Union (5)
  People's Democratic Union (4)
  Labor Zionist (3)
  Conservative (2)
  Movement for the Homeland (1)
  Peace & Equality Party (1)
  Communist Party (1)
254,000 43.4
Districts of Acre (Haifa in yellow)