Miriam Bar

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Eli Barak
Member of Parliament for Ramat Eshkol
Assumed office
1 December 2020
Successor Incumbent
Member of Parliament for South Nahariya
In office
20 October 2020 - 1 December 2020
Predecessor Office established
Citizenship Akkan
Political party Liberal Union (November 2020 - present)
Labor Zionist Party (February 2020 - November 2020)
Religion Jewish - Masortim

Miriam Bar is a politician in the Islamic Emirate of Acre. She is a member of the Liberal Union, and ran to be its leader in the December 2020 leadership election, losing out to Michelle Levin. She is a member of the Akkan Parliament, representing Ramat Eshkol.

Akkan career

Labor Zionist MP (February 2020 - November 2020)

Liberal MP (November 2020 - present)

2020 Leadership Election

Political Positions