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District of Acre
Country Islamic Emirate of Acre
Created29 November 2020
 • Total2.9 km2 (1.1 sq mi)
 • Total24,000
WebsiteMap of Acre

Nesher is a city and district in the Islamic Emirate of Acre. Located at its south-eastern border, the city has a population of approximately 24,000, historically centred around the Nesher Cement Factory. Today, the city is almost entirely Israeli, and about a third of Nesher are immigrants, most of whom came to Israel during the 1990s post-Soviet aliyah. The city remains heavily working-class, and tends to vote for left-wing political parties like the Labor Zionist Party and the Communist Party, as well as the Russian-interest Movement for the Homeland.


Nesher contains only one constituency, which has voted for the Labor Zionist Party since Acre's formation. The Movement for the Homeland also attracts support from many Russian-speaking Israelis, and the Communist Party maintain steady support.

Members of Parliament Population Area
  Labor Zionist (1) 24,000 2.9
Districts of Acre (Nesher in red)