Bradonian Self-Defense Force

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Bradonian Self-Defense Force
War and Naval Flag
Founded7 January 2021
Current form14 March 2022
Service branches
HeadquartersBravrina, Bradonia
MonarchLord Bernhardt
Military age18-45
ConscriptionYes (16 years)
Fit for
military service
0, age 15–49
Active personnel0
Reserve personnel2
Deployed personnel0
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HistoryHosenburgian Rebellion
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RanksArmy Ranks

The Bradonian Self Defense Force are the ceremonial unified military forces of the Kingdom of Bradonia. The Bradonian Self Defense Force consists of a total of two branches, the Bradonian Royal Army and the Bradonian Royal Navy. Membership in the Bradonian Self-Defense Force is completely optional, however, all Bradonian Kings are required to serve under the Self-Defense Force, as the King of Bradonia is also the Commander and Chief of the Bradonian Self-Defense Force. The Bradonian Self-Defense Force's main choice of weapons are swords and daggers, opting to use both of them for military defense over guns and rifles, due to strict gun laws within Bradonia, and due to the extreme unpopularity of guns in Bradonia. Due to the small population and anti-war sentiment within the greater micronational community and the world, the Bradonian Self Defense Force is de facto ceremonial, and as such is not a real military force.

The current head of the Bradonian Self Defense Force is the Bradonian King, Lord Bernhardt who is the current Commander and Chief of the Bradonian Self Defense Force. Lord Bernhardt is also the "Grand Admiral" of the Bradonian Navy, however, the title of Grand Admiral is mostly ceremonial, and rather is there to prove the naval capabilities of the current King. Currently, the Bradonian Self Defense Force has no active troops due to a mostly peaceful environment, however, the Bradonian Self Defense Force has a total reserve of 2 soldiers in case of an actual invasion, by either micronational or macronational nations.

Every May and August, the Bradonian government hosts mandatory training referred to as the Tarrant Naval/Military Academies, with these trainings usually lasting a weekend of around three days. These trainings are hosted by the Commander and Chief who goes over military and naval training with the cadets and teaches them the necessary leadership skills to thrive within the Bradonian Self Defense Force while having a little bit of fun here and there.


The Kingdom of Bradonia has never gotten into a true military conflict with any micronations so far, however, there were some close calls, with the first conflict being the Bradonian-Brieniean Crisis, which saw the King try to declare war on Brieanna for its homophobic practices, but Bradonia ended up backing down, and the status quo remained in place. The Harry Island war was not a war fought by a micronation, but by a group of people, notably the Daine Clan, whose "leader" Harry ended up fighting, the King of Bradonia over the island, it remains split to this day due to the war being stopped after the battle of Harry Island, which saw parental intervention.

Despite being both neutral and isolationist, Bradonia did see a limited involvement in the LENS-Runnymede war, where the Kingdom of Bradonia sent diplomatic support and even for some time joined the war on the side of LENS due to Bradonia's abhorrent relationship with the Micronational Assembly and it's member states. The Hosenburgain Rebellion, was formerly referred to as the "Bradonian Civil War", but the name of the conflict was changed, due to the "civil war" being bloodless, and therefore not a war.

The Kingdom of Bradonia did try to support Wegmat in the Great Des Plains Valley War as a way to support its former diplomatic associates, Sasperian and Monmark, after both of their colonial territories were invaded however, after the April Crash revoked support for Wegmat, and slowly but surely became Isolationist. It wasn't until the month of August that the "Sonneblume" would undergo reform, as a part of Bradonia's nation-building campaigns, but most changes were ceremonial. More reform was implemented when the military was renamed to the Bradonian Self Defense Force, but it mostly stayed ceremonial as before. Today, the Bradonian Self Defense Force is mostly a ceremonial military force that gives the Bradonian people hope, pride, and honor.