Jordan Pereira

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Jordan Pereira Mastroianni
President of the National Trade Union Center of Rino Island
Asumed office
20 june of 2014 - Now
Predecessor Creation of the office
Successor In office
Born Mendoza
Political party Rinoislandic National Unity Party (2011-now)
Residence San Felipe
Religion Catholic

Jordan Pereira is currently the president of the National Trade Union Center of Rino Island. He was appointed to the position by President Benedetto Samperi, in 2014, after its creation. Since then he has been re-elected annually to that position by the workers of Rino Island. He is also one of the founders of Rino Island, and signatory of the Declaration of independence of the Republic of Rino Island.

He has been working since 2010 as coach of the Rino Island National Football Team. In his youth he was a player of the inferiors of the Chacaritas Juniors club.