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Sprinske Empire
Imperio De Sprinske
Flag of Sprinske Empire/sco
Coat of arms of Sprinske Empire/sco
Coat of arms
Anthem: Viva Sprinske
CapitalRio De Sprinske
Largest cityShedhill
Official languagesEnglish, Sprinske
Recognized languagesScots, Kolniaric Languages
Roman Catholic
• Emperor
Aaron I
• Prime Minister
Kayleigh Craig
Establishment30 October 2020
• Census
CurrencySprinske Delta (SPD)
Driving sideleft

The Sprinske Empire is a micranaition in the Kolniari Sector, inside ae Glesca, Scotland, but it his territory on the ooter edge of the Rhins ae Galloway Peninsula an aw that gees the naition a wee bit ae coastline on the Irish Sea. It was foundit on 30 October 2020 efter the Sprinske Revolution cause ae Treaty ae Spritsnasque along wae it’s satellite state, the Imperial Republic of Donkrea. The Sprinske Empire wis originally an isolationist naition, but noo it’s mer connectit tae the wider micronational community and wants tae have further diplomatic relations in the new ‘International Era’ ae the naition’s history.

The naition views itsel as the successor tae the Sprinske Communist Republic, a wee bit along the lines ae hoo the [[w:Russia Russian Federation] is viewed as the successor tae the Soviet Union, despite no being the same country as the previous wan. This wis disputit by the Democratic Republic of Sprinske, itsel claiming tae be the true successor ae the Republic] cause there wis practically nae differences between the naitions.

The Sprinske Empire is the maist powerful and influential nation ae the Kolniari Sector, wae a major influence er aw the others.


The Sprinske Empire wis foundit on 30 October 2020 in the eftermath ae the Sprinske Revolution. The country wis creatit by the Treaty of Spritsnasque, a treaty signed in whit then became the capital city ae the Sprinske Empire. The treaty also geed independence to the Province of Donkrea as a satellite state, which became the Imperial Republic ae Donkrea, it also got rid ae the Sprinske Communist Republic.

In the naition’s early history, it wis a very unstable country en prone tae micranational terrorism. The Gorralic Communist Union wis the name ae a guerrilla organisation that regularly staged attacks on baeth the Sprinske Empire en the Imperial Republic of Donkrea, hit wis creatit wae remnants ae the Sprinske Communist Republic, but in June 2021, the fightin stoapped when the Gorralic Communist Union broke apart, en some ae the leading members joined the Sprinske Empire, en even the auld king ae the Sprinske Communist Republic eventually joined, en he became a very high ranking military official within the nation, this wis arguably the first peak of the nation, as the country didnae grow tae the same extent tae the International Era. The former king ae the Sprinske Communist Republic took the position ae General, en wis the second highest ranking official in the country, behind only Emperor Aaron I. Despite aw ae their differences, the Emperor en the General got alang, en the naition began tae rapidly improve its navy en Air Force. The country began construction ae a cardboard aircraft carrier for their R/C paper aircraft, a secret project known as Supercarrier HMS Falcon. HMS Falcon wis tae be the navy’s flagship, it startit construction in July, en was expected to be completit in September, but its construction was interrupted wae some unexpected events.

The nation began to enter an ideological crisis, there were some that wanted to remain an absolute monarchy, but others wanted a slow transition to communism. The Emperor and General began to clash over ideology, and two distinct factions began to emerge: the Imperial Faction were the larger of the two by a small amount, the Imperial Faction were those loyal to the Emperor and wanted to keep the nation as an absolute monarchy. The other was the Communist Faction, who were loyal to the General and wanted to slowly transform the Sprinske Empire into a revival of the Sprinske Communist Republic. Tensions were at their highest in early August 2021, when the Emperor and General had a major argument, which caused the nation to tear itself apart.

On 3 August 2021, the Communist Faction declared independence, forming the Democratic Republic of Sprinske. Due to the communists mostly having control over the western part of the Sprinske Empire, their new nation was often known as West Sprinske. Secession from the Sprinske Empire was illegal, and caused the Sprinske Civil War to erupt

Sprinske Civil War (3 August 2021 - 17 August 2022)

As a violation of the Sprinske Constitution, the secession of the West Sprinske automatically triggered war. West Sprinske had one major difference: it was no longer a monarchy, it was now a military dictatorship, so the General decided to keep his title to link the government and the military. Both nations invested heavily into their navies, but the Sprinske Empire, which still held most of the shipyards, decided not to continue construction of HMS Falcon, instead, they invested heavily into building three more Emperor-Class cruisers. HMS Emperor was the flagship of the Sprinske Navy, built in late 2020 to improve the naval strength of the nation along with the Clover-Class and Shark-Class.

The Sprinske Empire stored it’s ships in two locations: Rio De Sprinske, which was in the East, and the Western Province. As the Western Province had become part of West Sprinske, those ships were seized by the nation for it’s own navy. One of these was HMS Invader, a battleship built in late 2020 that had been refurbished.

It was on 19 August 2021 that the first naval battle of the Sprinske Civil War began. HMS Emperor and HMS Invader both received minor damages, and 3 ships sank. Two of the sunken vessels belonged to West Sprinske, and one belonged to the Sprinske Empire. The Sprinske Empire’s sunken vessel actually crashed into HMS Emperor, causing minor damage to the flagship.

After 5 naval battles, HMS Emperor received major irreparable damage and was scuttled in the Shedhill River to prevent it from being seized by West Sprinske. Emperor Aaron I of Sprinske declared that the Shedhill River had to be blocked to prevent West Sprinske from landing troops and taking the country’s biggest city. Shedhill is the biggest city in the Kolniari Sector, and there is a major metal foundry in the area, so it was of more importance than a few obsolete ships.

On 30 August 2021, Emperor Aaron I ordered that the unfinished supercarrier be taken apart and use for spare parts for other ships, and everything that couldn’t be reused was to be burned and used as fertiliser for the crops in the agricultural area of the Province of Grannysland. Over the next few days, the ship taken apart, and most of it went to fixing the HMS Osprey’s water cannons so that they would have better range and more power to sink enemy ships.

On 20 September, there was a major airstrike on the Democratic Republic’s capital city of Úrmda when the Emperor was informed that West Sprinske was building a giant battleship that could sink the HMS Osprey in one shot.

In early October, West Sprinske launched a large-scale invasion of the Sprinske Empire. Fighting lasted for hours, until West Sprinske broke through the Sprinske Empire’s defences, and captured the capital city, Spritsnasque. HMS Osprey was in the city at that time for repairs, and was almost captured, but the Emperor made sure that the ship was removed from the city, and moved to a safer city, Rio De Sprinske. Due to it’s geographical area, Rio De Sprinske was a perfect place to have as the capital city, as it would be nearly impossible to invade it, so it officially became the capital city of the Sprinske Empire the next day.

Morale in the Sprinske Empire had suffered a major decline after Spritsnasque fell, but on 16 October, they launched a major assault to take back the city, the city was surprisingly under-defended, and it was taken easily. This gave a major boost to morale in the nation that would last for the duration of the war. Revolution Day came on 30 October 2021, and the Emperor placed a mole in West Sprinske to reveal their battle plans, so when the attack came the next day, it was a major victory for the Sprinske Empire.

HMS Viking on fire

On 5 November 2021, the Sprinske Empire decided that it was time to block the Shedhill River. HMS Viking, HMS Crane and over 20 other ships were placed in the Shedhill River, loaded with explosive fun-snaps, and the ships were blown up and sank. All of the ships were removed from the river once the war ended.

On 9 December 2021, an ceasefire was agreed between the Emperor of the Sprinske Empire and the General of West Sprinske, effectively ending the war. The Treaty of Rio De Sprinske was supposed to officially end the war in June 2022, but it awaits re-negotiations in August.

Post-Civil War (9 December 2021 - 27 June 2022)

After the Civil War unofficially ended, the country had a period of peace. In June 2022, the Emperor started reconstructing the country from the ground up. A new government was set up to allow the citizens to elect a Prime Minister, and different departments would be given different leaders who were voted for by the other government members, but the Emperor still has absolute power to overrule any of their decisions, or even force them to resign.

The country elected B.S. Hedgehog, a hedgehog from Bannockburn as the Prime Minister. The Emperor thought that it was crazy to elect an animal as Prime Minister, but he didn’t stop it either. B.S. Hedgehog’s owner basically took over the hedgehog’s duties and acted ‘on the behalf’ of B.S. Hedgehog. The Prime Minister’s term was a week, but they can run for re-election as many times as they want. B.S. Hedgehog was quite a popular Prime Minister, with an approval of 80%. His owner announced that B.S. Hedgehog would run for a second term, and he was set to win by a landslide.

On the night of 19 June 2022, B.S. Hedgehog was found dead under mysterious circumstances. This was announced the next day when the election was due, so B.S. Hedgehog’s owner ran for election instead, but he lost the election to Logan Roy, who became the country’s first human Prime Minister

On 21 June 2022, during Logan Roy’s time as Prime Minister, the assassin who killed B.S. Hedgehog was caught, and a historic peace treaty with the former country of West Sprinske, officially the Democratic Republic of Sprinske was arranged. Under the original deal, West Sprinske would become part of the Sprinske Empire, and the General would receive a military role, but the Emperor decided that the treaty would be re-negotiated. Currently, the Treaty of Rio De Sprinske awaits re-negotiation in August.

Despite the significant achievements that occurred during his premiership, Prime Minster Roy was a controversial leader. His predecessor, the late B.S Hedgehog, had approval ratings of over 80%, despite not doing much. Logan Roy, however, had less support, with an approval rating of only 40%. This came due to allegations that he had a hand in the death of BS Hedgehog, and he was accused of assault. He promised to only serve for one term, then emigrate. He nearly had an impeachment trial, but there wasn’t enough evidence for it.

Improvement Era (27 June 2022 - 7 August 2022)

Former flag of the Sprinske Empire (30 October 2020 - 7 August 2022)

On 27 June 2022, Masyn Maher replaced Logan Roy as Prime Minister, but the Emperor was on a state visit to Fuerteventura, Spain, at that time, leaving the Prime Minister with total control over the nation. When the Emperor returned to the nation, he decided that it was time for the country to be restructured again, and that the Kolniari Sector was at a high risk of breaking into all out war, so he formed the Kolniaric Union, an alliance for all nations in the Kolniari Sector, to unite the region and prevent micronational war from occurring.

Emperor Aaron I decided that the term for Prime Ministers of the nation was too short, and extended the term length to one month. He also decided that Donkrea would be sold for Δ100 to another Micronation. Nations will be allowed to purchase Donkrea in August 2022, and bidding ends in December 2022. If no countries bid, Donkrea will be annexed by the Sprinske Empire

New flag of the Sprinske Empire (7 August 2022 - present)

The Sprinske Empire changed it’s flag on 7 August 2022 to a new design by Oxocero after the previous flag fell out of favour. The new design was considered as a major improvement by Emperor Aaron I, who called the original design ‘an eyesore’. The new design is much more popular in the nation itself and will begin to replace the old design in all official documents. The old flag will remain in historical archives as the flag used during the Sprinske Revolution and Sprinske Civil War respectively, and older MicroBall satire will keep the original flag for historical accuracy. This is the biggest change of the improvement era, along with the adaptation of a new calendar system, the Sprinske Calendar. The old flag’s colour scheme remains on the flag of the Kolniaric Union, which is the de facto flag of the Kolniari Sector itself, and it still appears in the top left corner of the flag of Rio De Sprinske, but this is due to change.

International Era (7 August 2022 - ongoing)

A few hours after the flag change, on 7 August 2022, the Sprinske Empire entered diplomatic relations with the Kingdom of Salanda, and Emperor Aaron I was granted citizenship of Salanda. This started the International Era, unlike the Improvement Era which focused on improving the nation internally, the International Era focuses on improving relations with other micronations, and expanding the nation’s influence in the wider micronational community. On 11 August 2022, the Sprinske Empire formed an alliance with the Kingdom of Cadoria, followed by an alliance with the Republic of Victor on 13 August 2022. During the early period of the International Era, the nation joined the Alliance of the Micronations as an observer, and has also applied to the Grand Unified Micronational for observership, and is currently awaiting a decision from the 14 August Quorum, with the answer expected on 21 August 2022.

On 17 August 2022, Emperor Aaron I met with General Zachary of West Sprinske to sign the Treaty of Rio De Sprinske and officially end the Sprinske Civil War. The treaty was signed at 11:12, but due to Sprinske customs, the treaty didn’t go into effect until 12:00. Only minutes after the treaty was signed, the Sprinske Empire’s August 2022 Prime Ministerial Elections took place, and sitting Prime Minister Masyn Maher did not run for re-election, so Matteo Catania was elected as the new Prime Minister. The country then tried to become a bit more democratic, and had the public decide what they wanted the National Animal to be, with the animal needing to be something that would stand as a symbol of the nation’s strength. Early polling showed that an alligator was the top option, but the major cities of Spritsnasque, Shedhill or Rio De Sprinske had not voted yet. By the time all of those cities had voted, an alligator wasn’t even in the top five, and the two most popular options were a wolf and a cobra snake. A wolf was a slightly more popular option, and was selected as the national animal, but the cobra snake was also very popular, and earned a place on the coat of arms.

On 18 August 2022, from the remains of the Democratic Republic of Sprinske came the People's Democratic Republic of Sprinske, a new nation created by the Treaty of Rio De Sprinske. The new nation is led by Zachary Stewart, the former King of the Sprinske Communist Republic and the General of West Sprinske, but this time, he wanted to establish good relations with the other nations of the Kolniari Sector, so the new nation joined the Kolniaric Union in an attempt to improve relations with the Sprinske Empire and Donkrea, and even made Sprinske one of the three official languages of the People's Democratic Republic of Sprinske and joined the Sprinske Empire in preserving the Kolniaric Languages.

Coup Threat (19 August 2022 - 24 August 2022)

Following the Treaty of Rio De Sprinske, some of the nation’s government members began to suspect each other of plotting a coup, the former Prime Minister, Masyn Maher, believed that the Commander of the Army was plotting against the Emperor, and was planning to make it look like the Prime Minister, Matteo Catania, was behind the uprising, so the Emperor asked the Commander of the Army who he believed was behind the coup, knowing that he was staging a coup if he blamed the Prime Minister, but instead, he blamed the former Prime Minister, this led to 5 days of suspicion amongst government officials until the Emperor called a meeting, and told both the former Prime Minister and Commander of the Army to explain their cases against each other, eventually ending in the conclusion that there was no coup at all.

Second Micronational War on Terror (24 August 2022 - ongoing)

During the coup threat, one of the nation’s citizens vandalised the nation’s MicroWiki page and was deported, he then formed a terrorist organisation known as the BDA (Bomb & Destruction Association) and warned that there would be more attacks on the Sprinske Empire and the People's Democratic Republic of Sprinske, despite being a communist group itself, due to the nation’s alliance with the Sprinske Empire. In response to this, on 24 August 2022, the Sprinske Empire declared the Second Micronational War on Terror, with the focus of targeting Micronational terrorists, but also declaring war on macronational terrorist groups such as the Taliban and ISIS, but they had no intention to actually attack these groups.

A few hours after the Sprinske Empire started the war, the Principality of Kaetania decided to join the war on Sprinske’s side, along with the Great Empire of Gamerland. On the other side of the war, the Republic of Mootugal declared war on Sprinske and decided to back the terrorists. They demanded that the Sprinske Empire surrender, but on 25 August 2022, Emperor Aaron I informed them that the nation would never surrender, especially to a terrorist-supporting nation. The People's Democratic Republic of Sprinske also decided to join the war as they were also under attack from the BDA and to support their ally. Word was also sent out to Donkrea, but there has been no response as of yet.

On 26 August 2022, it was discovered that many prominent figures in the government of the Sprinske Empire had secretly joined the BDA. This included the Prime Minister, leading to the Emperor dissolving the government and declaring a temporary dictatorship to prevent the Prime Minister from being able to use his powers. There was still freedom of speech and other human rights in the nation during that period, but the government no longer existed and the Emperor had absolute control, this period ended when Kayleigh Craig was appointed as Prime Minister and the government was reinstated.

Politics and Government

Government System

The Sprinske Empire is an absolute monarchy, the Emperor holds 100% control. The country is a benevolent dictatorship, there is no electing a head of state, but free speech is allowed and anyone can criticise the government. The citizens elect a Prime Minister who’s job is to represent the people. Due to the small population, a lot can be done in a short period of time. Laws can be voted on and passed into law in 2 minutes, as so much can be done, the term length for a Prime Minister is one month, but they can run for re-election as many times as they want. The Emperor can call a vote of confidence in the Prime Minister at any time if he believes they are not competent, if there is evidence of the PM breaking the law, the Emperor can force them to resign.

Elections can only be cancelled when there is a war going on and the Emperor decides that elections are not a priority and that time should be spent on more important matters, the only time that this has ever happened was the Sprinske Civil War.

Prime Ministers

B.S. Hedgehog (13 June 2022 - 19 June 2022)

Logan Roy (20 June 2022 - 27 June 2022)

Masyn Maher (27 June 2022- 17 August 2022)

Matteo Catania (17 August 2022 - 26 August 2022)

Kayleigh Craig (28 August 2022 – present)

Currency and economy

The currency of the Sprinske Empire is the Δ (Delta), divided into δ100 (Subdelta). The symbol for subdelta is just the lower case version of the Greek letter.

1Δ= £2 (USD: $2.41)

1δ= £0.02 (USD: Roughly $0.03)
The Sprinske Delta (SPD) is also used in the People's Democratic Republic of Sprinske and the Imperial Republic of Donkrea, as well as being the de facto currency of West Sprinske, despite the fact that West Sprinske’s official currency was the Sprinske Æ, but it was considered worthless and the Delta was mostly used

Industry and Exports

The biggest industry in the Sprinske Empire is the shipbuilding, very similar to the city surrounding it, as Glasgow is a city built on shipbuilding. This Micronation also produces aircraft and aluminium, despite this, the aircraft and ships are primarily made from paper. The biggest business in the country is Eagle Aircraft Corporation, which was nationalised in December 2021, as the final C-102 Bomber was built.

Regions and Cities

Name Region Leader Status
Rio De Sprinske South Kolniari Emperor Aaron I Capital City
Shedhill East Kolniari N/A City
Spritsnasque South Kolniari N/A City
Gorbachevgrad North Kolniari N/A City
South Sprinske Sprinske La Sóderni N/A Region

Armed Forces of the Sprinske Empire

The Sprinske Empire has the strongest armed forces in the Kolniari Sector. The army has 8 active soldiers, and an additional 6 reserves, including the Emperor and some major government members, and it has long been a tradition in Kolniari for the leader of the nation to lead it into battle, and it was the same in the Sprinske Communist Republic, the Democratic Republic of Sprinske and the People's Democratic Republic of Sprinske, and it is the same in the Sprinske Empire.

The navy is the strongest of the armed forces, the navy has one boat and over 300 paper battleships that have proven effective in the Sprinske Civil War, with water sprayers being mounted to sink enemy ships. These ships have also been capable of firing other projectiles, but none of them have been more than an inch in length and do not go fast enough to do any real damage, this was first used on the HMS Osprey, which fired an inch-long orange projectile that could cause some damage to enemy ships if it hit them in an already weakened part of the hull, such as water damaged areas. Osprey did actually manage to sink some ships during the Sprinske Civil War, and had the best technology of the fleet until she was rendered obsolete after the HMS Nighthawk was complete, and subsequently scrapped a few days later.

Sprinske Culture

Sprinske Culture is perhaps the most unique of the Kolniari Sector. Kolniaric nations mostly blend together Eastern European culture and Celtic culture. In the Sprinske Empire, it’s more of a mix of Celtic culture and Napoleonic France. Even the government system is based on Napoleonic France.


The Sprinske Empire has 3 official languages, English, Sprinske and Scots. Scots is the most widely used language in the nation, and is spoken by about 95% of the total population. Despite being spoken by 100% of the population, English is not used as much as Scots, and even official government papers use the Sprinske dialect of Scots, which isn’t that different from the Glasgow dialect, with the only difference being a few additional words such as ‘craic’ and a few Sprinske words.

Sprinske itself is one of the official languages, but it is not as widely spoken as English or Scots, and is only used by the government. The Sprinske Language (Langa de Sprinske) was created in the Sprinske Communist Republic by the Prime Minister, now the Emperor of the Sprinske Empire.

Event Date Celebrated For
New Year’s Day 1 January Start of the new year
Miner’s Day 8 April A celebration dedicated to the coal miners on the day of Margaret Thatcher’s death
Easter Sunday (Date Changes) To celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ
Robert The Bruce Day 11 July To celebrate Robert The Bruce, King of Scotland
Nelson Mandela Day 18 July To celebrate Nelson Mandela and his contributions to civil rights around the world.
Sprinske Civil War Day 17 August The Sprinske Civil War officially ended on 17 August 2022
Revolution Day 30 October To celebrate the Sprinske Empire being founded during the Sprinske Revolution on 30 October 2020
Christmas Day 25 December To celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ
Hogmanay 31 December Celebration of New Year’s Eve

Revolution Calendar

The Sprinske Empire uses two of its own unique calendar systems, the Revolution Calendar is similar in some ways to the Japanese calendar, as it gives names to the eras. The Revolution Calendar gives names to each era, an era is defined as: ‘The period of which an Emperor of Sprinske reigns’. The current era under Emperor Aaron I is the Revolution Era. The Revolution year starts on 30 October every year, if power was to change, when 30 October came around, then the new era would officially begin. Eras are named as soon as an Emperor steps in, but the current era is the only exception, decided by the Emperor himself nearly a year into his term. The current year is Revolution 2, on 30 October 2022, the Revolution year will officially change to Revolution 3.

Sprinske Calendar

The Sprinske Calendar is the other calendar used by the Sprinske Empire, not nearly as complex as the Revolution Calendar, the Sprinske Calendar is exactly 65 years behind the Gregorian Calendar, so the year 2022 would be 1957, but the date does not change, so 30 October 2020 in the Sprinske Calendar would be 30 October 1955. The Sprinske Calendar is the more widely used calendar in the nation, with the Revolution Calendar only being used for important occasions.

Intermicronational Relations

The Sprinske Ministry of Foreign Affairs is in charge of all foreign relations. It is led by Emperor Aaron I himself, and has the duty to represent the country on the world stage, establish trade and defence partnerships, negotiate peace treaties, war declarations and recognition of micronations and macronations.

Alliances and Unions

The Sprinske Empire is the founding nation of the Kolniaric Union, and as a result has positive relations with its neighbours within the Kolniari Sector. In the region of Southern Sprinske, which is located on the Rhins of Galloway Peninsula, the nation has a small bit of coastline on the Irish Sea, and as a partially-coastal nation, it became a member of the BalCasMed Alliance on 5 September 2022.

Macronational Recognition

The Sprinske Empire recognises most macronations, but it does not recognise Israel, Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, People’s Republic of China, the Donetsk People’s Republic, Luhansk People’s Republic or North Korea

Micronational Recognition

De Facto Micronational recognition is given to almost all micronations with the exception of fascist or neo-Nazi states, and micronations with no territorial claims on earth. Full de jure recognition is given to micronations that have diplomatic relations with the Sprinske Empire.

Micronations with Full Recognition
Nation Recognised since
 Imperial Republic of Donkrea 31 October 2020
 Salanda 7 August 2022
Kingdom of Cadoria 11 August 2022
Republic of Victor 13 August 2022
 People's Democratic Republic of Sprinske 18 August 2022
Kaetanian Flag.png Principality of Kaetania 25 August 2022
Gamerian Empire Flag.png Great Empire of Gamerland 25 August 2022
The Arazanian Republic Flag.png Arazanian Republic 25 August 2022
Flag of Early.jpg Federal Republic of Early 27 August 2022
Lihohian Peoples Republic 27 August 2022
Awhana Islands 27 August 2022
Third Flag Of ValeVRG.png Republic of ValeVRG 28 August 2022