State visits and diplomatic meetings involving Austenasia

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The Empire of Austenasia has conducted its diplomacy with other nations by means of visits and meetings several times, during most of which to date it has been represented by HIM Emperor Jonathan I (who prior to January 2013 served as the Empire's Prime Minister), sometimes accompanied by other members of the Imperial Family or government.

Although technically incorrect in international terminology, in which a state visit involves two heads of state, it has since 2010 been the custom in Austenasia for an official diplomatic visit made or hosted by the Prime Minister - not just by the Monarch - to also be called a "state visit", so long as the head of state of the other country is being visited or hosted.

For the purposes of this article therefore, state visits are those occasions in which a foreign head of state was visited in their home nation or hosted in Austenasia by the Monarch or Prime Minister, whereas diplomatic meetings are those occasions in which foreign dignitaries were met by an Austenasian representative in a diplomatic capacity outside micronational territory.

State visits

Austenasia, the Grove, and the Midget Nation-in-Exile to Moylurg, 7 August 2010

In the aftermath of the Austenasian Civil War, HIH Princess Caroline was sentenced to a week of exile for high treason. This was carried out in the British coastal town of Sidmouth, Devon, accompanied by her brother HIH Crown Prince Jonathan, their mother Vicereine Margaret, and Vicereine Margaret's mother Dame Joyce Boxall, DCA (who, although not an Austenasian national, was regarded as also representing Austenasia for all intents and purposes during the visit). The exile was used as an excuse for a family holiday to the seaside town (or vice versa, depending on one's view).

Their journey to Sidmouth would mean that they would pass close by the Moylurgian capital of Wilton, and so Austenasia's first official state visit was arranged, with the group of Austenasians agreeing to meet with HM King Declan I of Moylurg in Wilton. Crown Prince Jonathan, as well as representing Austenasia as its Prime Minister and Chief Ambassador, was delegated ambassadorial powers by King Calum I and Midget Fuhrer Thomas IV to represent the Kingdom of the Grove and the Midget Nation-in-Exile respectively. It was decided that a treaty would be signed during the meeting, signatory to which would be Moylurg and Copan (ruled by Declan I), and Austenasia, the Grove, and the Midget Nation, represented by the Crown Prince.

The Austenasians arrived in Wilton at roughly 10:55, and met the King and his mother. The latter then left, and the former took the Austenasians to see the nearby Wilton Carpet Factory and shopping village. The Princess, Vicereine, and Dame Joyce looked at the shops while the King and Crown Prince walked to a nearby clearing by the River Wylye and signed the Treaty of Wilton at 11:47. Under the terms of the Treaty, all five represented nations recognised each other as sovereign states or nations; Austenasia and Moylurg entered into an alliance; Copan, the Grove, and the Midget Nation entered into an alliance; and all five nations pledged peace and friendship to each other. The national leaders then returned to the shopping village and reconvened with the three other Austenasians. The group ate lunch in a nearby café before the Austenasians left to continue on their journey to Sidmouth.

Francisville, Landashir and Sandus to Austenasia and Orly, 15 July 2012

This first state visit hosted by Austenasia took place on 15 July 2012 during the weekend of the PoliNation Conference (see below). Will Sörgel of Sandus travelled to Carshalton station where he was met by Crown Prince Jonathan of Austenasia at 14:04. They were then joined by James von Puchow of Landashir and James Stewart of Francisville at 14:19, and set off south down North Street. The visitors were given a guided tour of Orly by the Crown Prince in his capacity as its Viceroy, then crossed back into the United Kingdom and walked down Carshalton High Street, West Street and Wrythe Lane to the Field, where they visited the alleged site of Atkantia and saw the former site of Rushymia and the Midget Empire from the other side of the school fence.

The group then walked down Fellowes Road, Muschamp Alley and Green Wrythe Lane until they got to the border of Wrythe, with Sörgel and von Puchow stepping over the border into the Empire at precisely the same time. Entering the Imperial Residence, the Crown Prince verified the identification of Puchowski and Sörgel via their passport and driver's license respectively (Stewart having no identification on his person but being admitted regardless). The visitors met HIH Princess Caroline and the Imperial Family's pet bullmastiffs Rose and Edd, and were then shown the Prime Minister's Office (now known as the Imperial Quarters). Going back downstairs, the visitors were shown Wrythe Pet Cemetery, the Orange Pyramid and Wrythe Genocide Memorial in Wrythe Public Park before sitting at the patio table for refreshments (fruit juice and flapjacks, with a jocular alternative option of raw potatoes being respectfully declined). After meeting the then Lady Margaret Austen, the politicians discussed various matters and took photographs before leaving Wrythe (Sörgel and Puchowski again stepping over the border at exactly the same time) for central London, to continue the final day of the PoliNation Weekend (see below).

Austenasia and St.Charlie to Landashir and Francisville, 14 August 2012

On 14 August 2012, Crown Prince Jonathan of Austenasia travelled via the London Underground to King's Cross St Pancras station, where he met with Petya d'Égtavie of the St.Charlian Federation of Egtavia at 10:25 before getting the tube to Marylebone station, from where they got a train to High Wycombe station, arriving at 11:30 and meeting James von Puchow of Landashir. The three of them walked to the nearby town centre of High Wycombe where they stopped for refreshments in the café of a supermarket before von Puchow guided the Crown Prince and d'Égtavie to Sycamore Booker, where they were issued with diplomatic visas. The visitors were then given a tour of the capital before the Crown Prince and von Puchow signed a treaty of mutual recognition and co-operation between Austenasia and Landashir, with formal mutual recognition between the two states having only been finalised the previous day. Von Puchow then took the two visitors to the Landashir'n-protected British territory of Llabdey, and then to visit the Canton of North Llabdey, an exclave of Francisville administered by von Puchow as Landsmann (Francisville being another state which the Empire of Austenasia had only formally recognised the previous day).

The three politicians returned to Sycamore Booker for a snack of scones, with the traditional Landashir'n drink of tea. They then went upstairs to the Premier's Office and posted greetings in the Micropolitan Lounge Skype chatroom before having a video-call with Emperor Declan I. The Crown Prince discussed various matters with the Emperor over Skype while von Puchow and d'Égtavie constructed a photographic panorama of the Sycamore Booker district of Stefahausen. The three then went back downstairs for pizza and conversation until 18:40 when the Crown Prince and d'Égtavie departed, but not before being given various souvenirs of their visit.

Landashir and Reyla to Austenasia and Orly, 23 February 2013

On 23 February 2013, various foreign dignitaries visited Wrythe for the coronation of HIM Emperor Jonathan I. Emperor Taeglan I Nihilus of the Reylan Imperial Triumvirate and Premier James von Puchow of Landashir attended the coronation ceremony, and then joined Jonathan I, Emperor Father Terry, Countess Eritoshi, and military leader Air Chief Marshal Sir Micheal Mitchell for lunch in the United Kingdom. After the meal, the visiting dignitaries were given a brief tour of Orly. Before the coronation, Jonathan I and Taeglan I Nihilus signed the Treaty of Wrythe, in which the claim of the Reylan throne to imperial rank was recognized by Austenasia.

Francisville to Austenasia and Orly, 26 October 2013

On the morning of 26 October 2013, Emperor Jonathan I met Sebastian Linden - a member of Francisville's Federal Council (collective head of state) and governor of the then Francillian canton of Rudno - at Carshalton station. The Emperor then gave Linden a guided tour of Orly, before the two walked to the house of Queen Emma I of the Orlian nation of Copan. They were there served drinks and engaged in discussion with the Queen and some other Orlians.

After meeting the Orlians, Jonathan I and Linden walked to Wrythe, speaking to Countess Eritoshi (then Chief Ambassador and candidate for the following month's general election) via mobile phone on the way. At Wrythe, Linden was introduced to Emperor Father Terry, Emperor Mother Margaret, and Crown Princess Caroline. Linden and the Crown Princess recalled the support he had offered her three and a half years previously during the Austenasian Civil War under the guise of "Mark Dresner", something which was now looked back on with an element of humour. Linden also met the Imperial Family's two pet bullmastiffs, Rose and Edd.

After being shown Wrythe Public Park and its various monuments, Linden had his photograph taken with the Emperor before the two had some food and discussed several matters of importance in the diplomatic community. Jonathan I then accompanied Linden back to Carshalton station, from where he departed.

Adammia to Austenasia, 15 September 2018

15 September 2018 saw various dignitaries visit Wrythe for a party in celebration of the Empire of Austenasia's tenth Independence Day. One of those to have been invited was Emperor Adam I of the Empire of Adammia. At this point in time, Austenasia did not recognise the imperial rank of the Adammic throne - this would not take place until January 2020 - but the two states had held friendly diplomatic relations since a treaty was signed in May 2018.

The itinerary of the day had Adam I arriving prior to the other guests in order to host a specifically Adammic state visit to Austenasia. Adam I arrived at Carshalton station at 15:09, where he was met by Jonathan I and Emperor Mother Margaret and driven to the Imperial Residence. Jonathan I gave Adam I a quick tour of Wrythe and introduced him to the other members of the immediate Imperial Family; the two monarchs then spent time discussing various diplomatic and political issues.

Other guests began to arrive after a few hours, including Princess Hannah the Princess Consort and Lord John Gordon the Representative of Palasia. Once all the guests had arrived, and before the start of the Independence Day party proper, the Wrythe Convention - a treaty denouncing and condemning falsehoods and intentional deception within the community of small nations - was signed by the diplomatic representatives present. Adam I signed on behalf both of Adammia and of the Grand Unified Micronational, the latter of which he was the incumbent chair. The remainder of Adam I's time in Wrythe was spent socialising with the other party guests, before he departed shortly after 19:30.

Austenasia to Dracul, 2 July 2022

Lord William Wilson, Austenasia's Prime Minister, departed from Campo de Jonatán early in the morning of 2 July 2022 to visit the Commonwealth of Dracul, a visit which had been planned for some weeks prior. Travelling via the Nahonan borough of Zweiwasser, Lord Wilson met with Stephen Luke, President of Dracul, at the Draculian Embassy to the United States to finalize the itinerary of the visit.

The two national leaders departed the embassy together and entered South Dracul shortly thereafter. The visit officially began with the national anthems of both countries being played. The Prime Minister then entered Bran District, where he and the President signed a treaty of mutual recognition and friendship between their two states.

After the treaty was signed, an online call was had to Emperor Jonathan I, who thanked President Luke for his hospitality to the Prime Minister and expressed his wishes for a close and long-lasting friendship between their two nations. A tour of the nation was then given to the Prime Minister, with the two national leaders departing Bran District and crossing into North Dracul. The Prime Minister observed and made polite remarks about the landmarks, and discussion was had on the native flora and fauna of the respective states. The visit ended after the pair returned to the Embassy, whereupon the Prime Minister was given refreshment and gifts of hospitality.

Austenasia to Adammia, 4 October 2023

Diplomatic meetings

Austenasia and Moyurg - Basingstoke, 25 September 2010

On 25 September 2010, a second meeting between representatives of the Empire of Austenasia and Kingdom of Moylurg took place, in the British town of Basingstoke. King Declan I, his parents, and his brother Prince Ciaran travelled to the Festival Place shopping centre, where they met Crown Prince Jonathan and his mother Vicereine Margaret - who had arrived by train - at 11:00. The two national delegations bought some drinks in a café and talked for a while before at 11:30 they left to look around the various shops, with the King and the Crown Prince exploring the shopping centre together while the others looked in other shops. The two national leaders met back with Vicereine Margaret at 13:00 and ate lunch with her in another café, and at 13:30 left again to spend another hour together in the shopping centre. The two national delegations reconvened at 14:30 before departing. While few diplomatic or political issues were discussed, the meeting served to greatly strengthen the friendship between Austenasia and Moylurg and that of the House of Austen with the House of MacDonagh.

2011 Intermicronational Summit

The 2011 Intermicronational Summit was the first meeting of its kind held amongst members of the MicroWiki Community, with thirteen leaders representing fourteeen different small states and micronations meeting on 24 August 2011 in Hyde Park, London, where many issues relating to the MicroWiki Community and micronationalism as a whole were discussed. Crown Prince Jonathan attended, primarily representing the Empire (but also, in a secondary capacity, Orly) and met with national leaders including Alexander Reinhardt, Jacob Tierney, Petya d'Égtavie and Taeglan I Nihilus.

Austenasia and New Wessex - Salisbury, 24 March 2012

On 24 March 2012, Crown Prince Jonathan travelled via train to the British city of Salisbury, where he met with Declan I, II & V at 10:00. The King took the Crown Prince on a tour of the area, showing him locations including Salisbury Cathedral, Salisbury Market, Old Sarum, Victoria Park, and Queen Elizabeth Gardens. The opportunity was taken while at Old Sarum for Declan I to affix his physical signature to several Acts of Parliament, Imperial Decrees, and Imperial Edicts in his capacity as Emperor of Austenasia. The Crown Prince departed at 18:12 after what would be the last time he would meet Declan I in person.

July 2012 PoliNation weekend

The 2012 PoliNation Conference was the largest meeting of leaders and diplomats of small nations in history, with over thirty politicians and officials of various small nations meeting for a conference in Chelsea Old Town Hall on 14 July 2012. As many politicians came from overseas, a large proportion of the attendees arrived in Great Britain earlier in the week, and so were present in London to go sight-seeing and organise informal meetings with other national leaders.

On Friday 13 July, the then Crown Prince Jonathan of Austenasia arrived at Archway tube station at roughly 15:40, where he met Jacob Tierney of Renasia, Will Sörgel of Sandus and Riley Small of St.Charlie. The four of them walked to Highgate Cemetery, where they saw the graves of Karl Marx and various other notable persons before walking back to Archway and getting the underground train to South Kensington tube station, from which they walked to a flat being rented by Sörgel and his father. After spending time there, the four politicians walked to a nearby restaurant for a meal, where they met several other national leaders including Alexander Reinhardt and James Lunam of St.Charlie, Grand Duke Niels I of Flandrensis, Taeglan I Nihilus of the Reylan Imperial Triumvirate, George Cruickshank of Atlantium, and others. After the meal, the Crown Prince travelled back to Wrythe.

On Saturday 14 July, Crown Prince Jonathan arrived at Chelsea Old Town Hall at 08:36, meeting all those present at the dinner the previous evening as well as others including President Kevin Baugh of Molossia, Billy Neil of Erephisia, James von Puchow of Landashir, Harry Fitzpatrick of the Empire's protectorate of Monovia, and James Stewart of Francisville. The conference lasted for several hours, with breaks for fresh air and lunch in between presentations. After the conference proper, the attendees moved into an adjoining room where photographs were taken. The Crown Prince then walked back to Sörgel's flat with Tierney, Puchowski, Sutherland and Sörgel himself, where he phoned Petya d'Égtavie of the St.Charlian Federation of Egtavia and informed her of the day's events. The others also spoke to d'Égtavie before they went to South Kensington tube station, from which they travelled to King's Cross St. Pancras tube station and walked to another restaurant. After the official post-conference dinner with most of those who had attended the conference, the Crown Prince invited several of those present to a guided tour of the Carshalton Nations the following day before leaving to travel back to Austenasia at roughly 21:20.

On Sunday 15 July, the Crown Prince met Sörgel, Sutherland and von Puchow at Carshalton station and gave them a guided tour of the Carshalton Nations, showing them Orly, "Atkantia" and Wrythe (see above). The four politicians then got the tube from Morden to Bank tube station, where they eventually met with Tierney, Lunam, Reinhardt, and two other St.Charlian officials. The group walked along the River Thames to a Starbucks near the Tate Modern, where the first physical Quorum session in the history of the Grand Unified Micronational was held between 19:44 and 20:01, chaired by Crown Prince Jonathan (Stewart had been given permission by Ciprian I to act as the Juclandian delegate so that the requisite five nations would be represented). After the Quorum, the group of diplomats walked to Embankment tube station, taking photographs along the way, from where they all departed at roughly 20:40.

August 2012 British Museum meeting

On 31 August 2012, Crown Prince Jonathan of Austenasia met with James von Puchow of Landashir at King's Cross station, joined there by Rebecca "Artz" Panks of the St. Peters Republic, Håkon Lindström of Zealandia, and Alex Ulbricht of the Lewisham Democratic Republic. Despite the Empire not having formal diplomatic relations at the time with any of these nations apart from Landashir (Zealandia eventually being recognised in 2014), the event was used as an occasion to strengthen Austenasia's informal ties with various members of the MicroWiki Community.

The group walked to the British Museum and spent the afternoon looking at the thousands of artifacts and exhibitions before leaving and walking to Trafalgar Square. Photographs were taken with Angus Diplomabear (who was then under the guardianship of the Crown Prince and would be handed over to Lindström at a brief informal meeting at Morden the next day) by several landmarks before the group departed.

2013 Intermicronational Summit

After the success of the 2011 Intermicronational Summit and 2012 PoliNation Summit, another summit was proposed for the summer of 2013; arrangements began to be made in January 2013, and the date was set for 15–20 July after Emperor Jonathan I confirmed in May 2013 that he had booked an apartment for the summit, with those staying in the apartment having sent him their contributions towards its rent.

On Monday 15 July, Jonathan I arrived in Paris at Gare du Nord station on the Eurostar at 11:47 CEST with Tom Turner of Rukora, where they were met by King Ciprian of Juclandia, who had arrived in Paris the previous week and was staying with his first cousin once removed. The three national leaders took the Métro to Cambronne station, and walked from there to the apartment which had been booked. After the Emperor and Turner unpacked, the three leaders were met by Ciprian's cousin, Mircea. Tuesday 16th then saw the arrival of Sebastian Linden, Federal Councillor of Francisville and leader of Pristinia.

During the five days of the summit, Jonathan I and the other delegates staying in the apartment explored Paris to visit its various landmarks, usually joined by Ciprian I and his cousin. On Thursday 18th, they hosted Olivier I of Angyalistan at the apartment for a meal and discussion, and on Friday 19th they met Sogoln Yg Ysca, President of the Formori Institute, at a café. The attendees also frequently communicated together via Skype with national leaders and diplomats not able to be present at the Summit, primarily Eritoshi of Memphis, Arthur Lobão, and Bily Neil, and part of the final evening of the summit was broadcast live on the Erephisia Cast.

2014 Midsummer Micronational Meeting

In an attempt to continue what had by then become an annual tradition of summer summits in London, Jonathan I organised an informal meeting in London for summer 2014 together with Petya d'Égtavie of Renasia (who ultimately was unable to attend). Emperor Jonathan I of Austenasia, James von Puchow of Landashir, and Richard Cunningham of Mercia therefore met at Mile End tube station at 10:00 on 21 June 2014. The three national leaders visited the Tower of London before getting lunch, followed by a look around the British Museum. They then returned to Mile End to meet Sebastian Linden of Francisville (and his partner) at 16:00.

The group then walked to the nearby Mile End Park in which, during a pre-planned ceremony, von Puchow was inducted as an Austenasian subject by Jonathan I. After spending some time exploring the park, the group eventually dispersed, departing via the London Underground and Docklands Light Railway.

Austenasia and Reyla - Putney, 14 October 2014

On 14 October 2014, Emperor Jonathan I and Lady Evren Filgert, Duchess of Dumnonia met with Taeglan I Nihilus, Emperor of the Reylan Imperial Triumvirate in Putney. This followed a lunch (in celebration of the Emperor's birthday the previous day) which was also attended by Countess Eritoshi, Austenasian Prime Minister, the latter of whom had had to depart but sent her apologies and best wishes to Taeglan I.

The two Emperors and Lady Evren went to a coffee shop, where they discussed various matters including relations between Austenasia and Reyla, the state of the micronational community, and their own personal and academic lives. The idea of future meetings between the three was suggested, planting the seeds of the 2015 Midsummer Micronational Meeting.

Austenasia and Ladonia - Heathrow, 12 July 2015

In the evening of 12 July 2015, Queen Carolyn I of Ladonia and her daughter Crown Princess Greta arrived at Heathrow Airport while returning to their home in the USA having visited Ladonia. With several hours until their next flight, they invited Emperor Jonathan I to meet them at the airport.

This was the second (and most recent) time the two monarchs had met in person, having previously attended 2012 PoliNation together. Austenasia had recognised Ladonia in February 2013, but due to a busy bureaucracy the Ladonian government had never officially reciprocated recognition, despite close friendly informal relations. The Emperor and Queen used the meeting as an opportunity to sign the Treaty of Heathrow, an impromptu treaty of mutual recognition, as well as discuss recent national and international events.

2015 Midsummer Micronational Meeting

Austenasia and Venedia - London, 28 July 2018

2019 GUM Birmingham Summit - Birmingham, 28 June 2019

Austenasia, Adammia and Lundenwic - Hyde Park and Kensington, 14 August 2021

2022 Midsummer Micronational Meeting

2022 GUM London Summit - London, 3 December 2022