Midsummer Micronational Meeting 2022

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The Midsummer Micronational Meeting 2022 was an informal summit held in London on 9 July 2022. Originating as a long-postponed meeting between Jonathan I and Karl Friedrich, the meeting expanded into a small informal summit when James Frisch and Newton von Uberquie were invited to join them.

Midsummer Micronational Meeting 2022
Frisch, Jonathan I, and von Uberquie
(left to right)
Date 9 July 2022
Site London, United Kingdom
Attendees 4
Previous summit MicroCon 2019
Next summit MicroCon 2022


Jonathan I and Friedrich met at London City Airport DLR station, and travelled to Monument Underground station, where they were met by Frisch and von Uberquie. While travelling to Monument, Friedrich gifted several coins and banknotes to Jonathan I to be donated to the Imperial Numismatic Museum. This donation included a 2021 commemorative coin minted by Mekniy-Lurk, one of which was also received by both Frisch and von Uberquie.

The group walked around the local area, visiting several nearby landmarks: the Monument to the Great Fire, the Tower of London, and the Tower Hill Memorial. They proceeded from there to the gardens of Saint Paul's Cathedral.

While in the Cathedral grounds, the official diplomatic business of the meeting was undertaken. Jonathan I, representing Austenasia, signed treaties of mutual recognition with Mercia and with Mekniy-Lurk, both represented by Karl Friedrich.

After the treaty signing, the group had lunch in a Wetherspoons adjoining Canning Town station. During the meal, Jonathan I and Friedrich used their smartphones to partially communicate with each other via the MicroWiki Discord server, despite being seated next to each other. The final destination of the meeting was the nearby London Stone, from which the attendees parted ways.


Dignitary Nation Positions held
James Reginald Frisch SBR Rector
Mercia Former Speaker of Parliament
Jonathan I  Austenasia Emperor
Karl Friedrich  Austenasia Senator, Governor of Aurora, and former Cabinet minister
Mercia Lord Temporal
Mekniy-Lurk Kaae
Newton von Uberquie Uber-Esse Palatine-Viceroy of Uberquiesenberg
Mercia Former First Minister

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