Treaty of Dominica

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Treaty of Dominica
Treaty of Dominica on the Status of YeLand
New Coat of Arms of Fgura
TypeSettlement Treaty
Signed20 March 2022 (2022-03-20)
Location Dominica
Ratified20 March 2022
Effective20 March 2022
ExpirationNone in principle
Maltese (title)

The Treaty of Dominica (Maltese: It-Trattat ta Dominica), officially titled the Treaty of Dominica on the Status of YeLand, is a settlement treaty that was signed on 20 March 2022, in the Melitian Capital, Dominica, between the Central Government of the Democratic Christian Republic of Melite, represented by the President of Melite, Matthew Tonna, and the Mayor-President of the YeLand Special Administrative Region, on deciding a new name for the SAR and the officialising of its new Coat of Arms. Though the word treaty implies that there was a conflict that had to be solved, this is not the case, as these were personal talks done between the two Melitian leaders, and no territorial exchanges/cessions were done between the parties.



Here Gathered in Dominica


to reassess the general status of YeLand as a Special Administrative Region. In a short talk held between the two Melitian leaders, the following points came out:

  1. The name YeLand is not suitable as the name for a region, as it demeans Melite’s prestige, professionality, and seriousness.
  2. The SAR’s flag serves well and may remain unchanged.
  3. The SAR requires an adequate coat of arms.
  4. No problems regarding the administration of the SAR were found, and can be considered as functioning perfectly.

Article One

The official conventional name of the Special Administrative Region shall be changed to the “Socialist Fgura Special Administrative Region of the Democratic Christian Republic of Melite”.

Article Two

The coat of arms of the Central Government shall no longer serve as the coat of arms of the Special Administrative Region, and shall be changed to the following design, kindly created by Ștefan Marius Snagoveanu:

Article Three

Officials of both the Central Government and the SAR, shall endeavour to follow all laws according to the Constitution of the Democratic Christian Republic of Melite, but most importantly Chapter 4 of the aforementioned Constitution,  especially regulating Special Administrative Regions in Melite as a whole.


The treaty was ratified immediately with the signature of the parties, with no involvement of Parliament or any other constitutional body.

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