Church of Phillip

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Church of Phillip
Port Phillip, the Church’s unofficial headquarters
ScriptureFive Pillars of Phillip
PopeJaxson Renny
RegionRepublic of Phillip
HeadquartersPort Phillip (unofficial)
FounderJaxson Renny
Origin23 June 2022
MinistersPope (1)

The Church of Phillip, sometimes abbreviated as the COP, is the official religion of the Republic of Phillip. As of February 2023, more than 32% of Phillip practices the religion, making it the largest religious group within the country. The Church of Phillip predates the establishment of Phillip by almost half a year and was the driving force behind the creation of the country itself. The Church does not have a physical location, but its unofficial headquarters is located in Port Phillip. The Church is led by the Pope, which is currently former President of Phillip Jaxson Renny. The Pope acts as the central governing authority of the religion.

The religion was started by Pope Renny from the idea of beginning a religion based on Pokémon that he caught while playing the popular mobile game Pokémon Go. While the Church has never released any official doctrine, Pope Renny has stated that the religion believes in three deities, Good Phillip, Phillip, and Bad Phillip.

The Church of Phillip has in some capacity influenced the decision-making of multiple politicians within Phillip, especially President Renny. On 26 March, he passed a law that implied that citizens of Phillip could be punished for not being in the Church.


The Church of Phillip went without any real doctrine until 3 April 2023, when politician Owen Itzen pushed Pope Renny to release the Five Pillars of Phillip. The pillars are based on the Five Pillars of Islam and are meant to allow members of the Church to uphold a standard.

The Five Pillars of Phillip in order are:

  1. Stompos - A profession of faith to the Church of Phillip..
  2. Kipin - A prayer done twice daily towards the "Good Phillip" deity. Any prayers must be pointed in the direction of Port Phillip.
  3. Peros - A two dinero donation to the Pope of the Church once a week
  4. Swampa - A ritual in which members of the Church must eat two ounces of "river sand", only done one time.
  5. Battletoad - A pilgrimage to Port Phillip, only done one time.


The Church of Phillip is a polytheistic religion and believes in multiple deities. The Church’s doctrine recognizes three deities, listed below:

  • Good Phillip - The main God of the Church
  • Bad Phillip - Satan-like entity that causes mayhem
  • Phillip - Neutral deity


“Phillip” was first used to describe the Church by Pope Renny and was derived from three of the Pokémon he caught in Pokémon Go. When Pope Renny was attempting to start the Republic of Phillip, he decided to name the country after the Church.


According to the Phillip Ministry of Citizenship, roughly 32.1% of Phillip is affiliated with the Church of Phillip, making it the largest religious body in the country. The subdivisions with the highest concentration of Church members are the Lukous, Bolston, and Port Phillip Districts.

Most members of the Church are politicians in Phillip, with the exception of a few members of those politicians’ families.

List of Popes

Popes of Phillip
Name Dates in Office
Jaxson Renny 23 June 2023 – Present