Constitution of Surdam

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Constitution of Surdam
President Caldwell holding the constitution after shortly after signing it
JurisdictionRepublic of Surdam
Created12 April 2023; 7 months ago (2023-04-12)
Executive1st and 2nd Presidents
JudiciaryLocal Courts in states, Highest court in Jackson City
Electoral collegeNo
Author(s)Lane Caldwell
SignatoriesLane Caldwell

The Constitution of the Republic of Surdam is the supreme law of Surdam.


2023 April Republic Constitution

The first constitution ever passed in Surdam was passed on 12 April 2023, five years and seven months after the foundation of the Republic of Surdam. It was created to clear out how the government of Surdam should be run, how the economy should be, and many other things to ground Surdam's nation hood. President Caldwell would state that the reason it took so long to get around to was because Surdam for so much of its history was trying to gain land for citizens and protect that said land. Now that Surdam is becoming more formal and a trying to be a real nation, the constitution was created to show that Surdam is serious.