Rose Creek

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Rose Creek
State of Surdam
Flag of Rose Creek
The Creek State
FoundedSeptember 19th, 2021
 • GovernorJ. Surdam
 • MayorW. Surdam
 • Total5
Time zoneEastern Daylight Time

Rose Creek is a state under Surdam . Rose Creek has the largest forest in Surdam, it is also home to the 3 largest river in Surdam. Rose Creek has an abundance of wild life ranging from fire flys to deer.


Rose Creek is named after the river that runs through it Rose Creek.


The land that Rose Creek is on doesn't have much history, besides it joining Surdam on September 19th, 2021


Rose Creek is home to one of the largest rivers in Surdam, the Rose Creek.



The current Governor is J. Surdam and the current mayor is W. Surdam.


Rose Creek consists of:

Rose Creek

Rose Creek is one of the bigger rivers in Surdam, the territory Rose Creek was named after it.

Fire Fly Woods

Fire Fly Woods is the largest forest in Surdam, if you are not careful, you can get lost in.

Old town street

Old town street is a small path that leads to abandoned houses and swings.

Creek Regional Airport

The Creek Regional Airport (CRA) is a regional airport within Rose Creek. It is the only airport in the state.


All areas of the territory can be reached on foot in 1-8 minuets .