History of Surdam

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Before Surdam

Surdam's earliest history can be traced back before the nation itself, to when the first people came to North America. BGAP excavations have found Indian arrows, tools, and a grave. Other searches have found foundations for bridges that could date back to the late 1800s or early 1900s. The idea of Surdam didn't come around till 2017, when the young Lane Surdam began watching videos about micronations like Molossia and Sealand, this inspired Lane to make his own nation someday.

Creation of Surdam (Early Days)

Before Surdam was created Lane Surdam (now 2nd President) always liked country building and made many nations with his friends for fun. In July 2017 this changed when Lane Surdam got with his grandfather R. Surdam and decided to make a nation that was destined for success. On July 17, 2017 Lane Surdam and R. Surdam declared Surdam independent from the United States. This officially established the Republic of Surdam starting the young republic that will grow and expand for years to come. Following the declaration R. Surdam roughly said, "This nation is going be a glorious land where the people's freedom will never be taken away!". Following this, Lane Surdam began putting in place little details such as appointing the Blue Jay as the national bird and the Surdamian mark as the currency. R. Surdam and Lane Surdam both agreed to designate Jackson City as Surdam's capital, because that was were the nation was founded. Following this, an election was held on July 17, and R. Surdam and Lane were elected as the Presidents, the Vice Presidents were appointed after this too. As the months went on a small militia was formed for Jackson City and civilians lived there lives normally. The Surdamian Government Council was formed on July 17th as well as the government body of Surdam. Eventually the Surdamian Government thought it be good to expand.

The first flag of Surdam flying in Jackson City

Age of Expansion

Field War

The state of New Wyoming was established on 15 May 2018 after 2nd President Surdam claimed new territory in southern Wyoming. In the beginning the state was small only have two cities and the property that surrounded them, soon Surdam began expanding it's borders down the Trench River. This started the ongoing idea in Surdam, that Surdam is destined to control all neighboring nations near New Wyoming, known as the Surdamian destiny. Eventually Surdam came to discover the Trench River Valley and push into it even though there were two nations already there. After rising tensions for a few months and a Surdamian trade route being attack, the Field War broke out on June 1, 2018 between the Republic of Surdam and a group of mercenaries know as the 01 Mercenaries. A day after the outbreak of war the other nation in the valley, known as the Field Native decided to declare war on Surdam as well. After 2 weeks of fighting the Republic of Surdam had prevailed against the Mercenaries and the Natives, peace negotiations were conducted in New Wyoming. Surdam had told the 01 Mercenaries in a $20 USD debt, being unable to pay this the 01 Mercenaries disbanded and joined Surdam. The Field Natives were forced to the Nnothern half of the valley. Surdam then annexed the southern half of the valley setting up Fort Trench.

Riptide and SSA

The rocket Riptide, was launched by the Surdamian Space Agency shorty after its founding in 2019. This was Surdam's first space mission, and the mission was a success. The rocket had reached Low Earth Atmosphere (LEA) and was approximated to have gone above 1,000 feet. The rocket then was launched a second time on the same day and it was reported to have gone double the height.

Riptide taking off in 2019

Battle of Basketball Court

In 2020 tensions were rising once again in the Trench River Valley after Surdam had just claimed all of the valley and started to settle it. The Field Natives were outraged that Surdam would take heir last bit of territory, they despised Surdamians so much so they ambushed a Surdamian Infantry Unit at a basketball court inside the valley. The Battle of Basketball Court was won by the Surdamian after this attack in 2020, the battle lasted around thirty minutes to an hour. This battle marked the end of the wild frontier of the valley.

Age of Progressing

Pacific Territory and SPK shenanigans

The state of Pacific Territory was established on 10 August 2020 when 2nd President Surdam claimed land by the Pacific for Surdam, this made Surdam have sea access and the ability to grow its navy. A small naval base was established on the shore known as Port Little Bay. After the founding of Pacific Territory, Surdam officially came into the world of micronations online and began talking with other nations. The SPK (Surdamian Peace Keepers) was established on February 20, 2021 to help with the safety of Surdam's residents and lock up criminals. On March 21 SPK and Surdamian Military officials came together to simulate a revolutions inside Surdam to see how well it could be put down, to convey to realism of this exercise Surdam began spreading word of it being real but this cause backlash from the Micronational Assembly, and Surdam was kicked out of for faking the conflict. The Great Stair Case and Lake Lane were discovered on 8 May 2021, these were very interesting archaeological and geological finds for the nation and were one of the many reasons Surdam would go on to creat the BGAP a few years later. Surdam's first national park, Lake Beau National Park, was established on 7 July 2021 to help preserve the beautiful nature of Jackson City.

Lake Beau in the summer

Kapresh Civil War

Surdam began to become good friends with the Empire of Kapreburg, so much in fact when civil war broke loose Surdam thought it should intervene. Surdam declared war on the Grand Republic of Kapreburg on Sunday on July 11 8:00 p.m. MDT, following the invasion of a Kapreburg lterritory. A few days later the 1st Infantry Regiment was mobilized and guarded the Kapresh territory of Clarkville, this was to prevent from any rebels wanting to invade it. After two weeks, military officials realized it was pointless for Surdam to remain in the conflict. So Surdam formally withdrew from the Kapresh Civil War on 27 July seeing how it was not a war for Surdam to carry on and that Clarkville had no threat. A user that was a Surdamian citizen raided the official server of the rebel Kapresh, this promoted a court case in the Micronational Assembly were the nations found Surdam guilty just because the user had Surdamian citizenship. Surdam once again was kicked out of the MA, after this 2nd President Surdam made a joke in the announcements of the Surdamian server were he "declared war" on Faltree. Even though there was no official declaration and it was obviously a joke, Faltree took it to literally stating the war was real, this has forever soured the relations between Surdam and Faltree.

After the War

Surdamian Peoples Management was founded on 17 August 2021 with the goal of providing jobs to residents mainly with mining and maintenance. On the 19th of August, the Republic of Surdam and the Empire of Kapreburg officially ratified a treaty together starting a great friendship between the two distant nations.

Age of Development

States and Development

The two states of Horse Town and Rose Creek formally joined the Republic of Surdam on the same day of 19 September 2021 as the two newest states of Surdam. Horse Town helped Surdam strengthen its grip on Wyoming and Rose Creek helped Surdam stretch as far as Indiana. The national railway company for Surdam, Union Blue, was created on 26 September 2021 to assist in the delivery of passengers and freight across Surdam. Around January 2021 the Surdamian Government Council approved plans to develop sustainable energy for the country, the project approved use of hydropower, wind power, and solar power to all be used in the future, with hydropower being the most likely option. Surdam established its second national park, Small Rock Island National Park, on 8 March 2022 to preserve the beaches and oceans of the Pacific Territory. A demilitarized zone was established on the border between the Republic of Surdam and The Rose Kingdom on 6 April to prevent militaries from clashing.

Pine Tree War

After the remnants of the Field Natives got together and founded Kalibi on June 1, 2022, Surdam decided to split some territory in an area known as Little Field. However when the land was split Surdam got the smaller half while Kalibi got the larger one, this upset most Surdamians believing that land belongs to Surdam. A day after this Surdam was doing military training in the Trench River Valley soon Kalibi Forces showed up to scout on Surdamian Land, after seeing this Surdamian forces charged the scouts scaring them away. The Surdamians went back to little Rapids City to finish training but the scouts followed them and were just outside the Surdamian border, a skirmish almost broke out, but the situation was derailed. This event was nicknamed the "Watchful Hawk Incident," it was called this to get the idea out Kalibi was planning to invade Surdam. After about two weeks, Surdam sent a list of demands to Kalibi that said, Surdam gets all of Little Field, Kalibi is reformed into a puppet state of Surdam, and Surdam can do any action in the region without opposition, and if not accepted by 6:00 pm MST Kalibi better be prepared to defend itself at 6:30 pm MST. On 17 June 2022, 6:30 pm, the Republic of Surdam invaded Kalibi starting the Pine Tree War, while invading Surdam was met with not opposition. On the 21st of June 2022, Kalibi attempted their own invasion at Elizabeth Dam, however the outnumbered Surdamians still won the battle after eliminating all of the Kalibi invasion force in the Battle of Elizabeth Dam. On the 12th of August, 2022, Surdamian forces were behind fortified positions with at least 5 troops, after waiting 25 minutes, four Kalibi soldiers showed up. After some back and forth shots the Surdamians rushed the Kalibi position winning the battle. After this the Treaty of Fort Trench was signed official ending the war in a Surdamian victory on 12 August 2022.

The Surdamian flag flying over East Little Field during the Pine Tree War

Age of Isolation

Territories and the RMTA

On 14 August, Little Field was annexed as a territory after the Pine Tree War , following just a week later the Snake River Territory was annexed aswell. On 2 September 2022, Surdam founded the Rocky Mountain Trade Alliance (RMTA), this was done to make trade easier and better in Surdam's sphere of influence. The RMTA's first members were Westerly and the Rose Kingdom. On 10 November 2022 the Sloan Lake Territory was annexed giving Surdam naval access to one of the largest lakes near it. After this annexation naval patrols would happen in the lake.

2022 Mauna Loa Eruption

On 28 November 2022, due to the recent eruption of Mauna Loa, 2nd President Surdam ordered a high alert for the sate of the Pacific Territory, and citizens were being told incase the lava flows towards the state, where to evacuate and what to do. After months of worrying, the high alert officially stopped on 13 December 2022 after the eruption died down. This event made Surdam push for the creation of a bureau that could help predict such events. On 8 December 2022, the Bureau of Geology Archeology and Paleontology or BGAP was created to be in charge of all geological, archeological, and paleontological affairs in Surdam.

A lava flow on Mauna Loa visible from the Pacific Territory

Centennial Summit

On 5 January 2023 the Centennial Summit was held between Surdam and the Empire of Soshallia. The meeting saw the signing of two treaties between the nations, the first being a treaty officially ratifying a military alliance between the nations, and the second was the splitting of the Centennial Hill Territory between the two nations. This caused the founding and annexation of the West Centennial Hill Territory on the same day. Surdam and Soshallia have become great allies after this meeting and have become both regional powers in their own respective.

Companies and Basketball

On 14 January 2023 Surdam's national airline, Surdamian Airlines, was founded to help with passenger and cargo delivery by air. On 3 February 2023 Surdam News was replaced with the organization NSBC. NSBC has become a very professional news company that reports on many things in Surdam. On 9 February 2023, the Trench River League was founded as a national and international basketball league in Surdam.

Age of Liberty

Ending a Rivalry

On 11 April 2023 Surdam signed an official military alliance with the Great Council of Kalibi, this is an important event because it ended the five year old rivalry between the two nations. Surdam and Kalibi have future plans to work together and President Caldwell has stated the want to help build up Kalibi.

Signing of the Constitution

On the 12th of April, 2023 the Constitution of Surdam was signed and put into action by 2nd President Surdam, this was for Surdam because after 5.7 years of having no constitution and just running government loosely, Surdam's government has been structured. The constitution also goes over how the judicial system should work and how the economy should be run. Plans to make the constitution better are to happen in the future. The constitution was signed in the following days when 1st President Surdam was available.

The Surdamian Military's newest flag

Military and Internal Growth

On the 13th of April the Surdamian Military flag was updated to look better and have better symbolism. On 15 April 2023 a bill was passed by the Surdamian Government Council to create the Civil Defense of Surdam and it also approved plans for the Union blue to expand it's tracks in New Wyoming. Also on the 15th, the Three Flags Boat Company (TFBC) launched the flag ship of their 'Pacific Fleet', the SS Pluto. On May 25th, SS Pluto was scrapped due to some problems while sailing and two capsizing events. This was a sad defeat for the Three Flags Boat Company but better ships will be built in the future. On July 9th, 2023 a steam ship and also the largest ship ever built for Surdam has been put to the dry docks for construction. Its name is the SNS Surdam. On July 17th, 2023, Jackson I was enacted as Director of the Bureau of Foreign Affairs.

Further Military Growth

On August 31st, 2023, 2nd President Surdam decided to make a new leg of the army that could help fight land conflicts in the PacificTerritory which was only defended by the Navy up till that point. This new force was named the First Expeditionary Force and troops in the force have been being trained in the environments around the Pacific Territory to help defend the state.

New Flags

On September 11th, 2023, 2nd President Surdam officially changed the designs of the flags for the states of Horse Town and Rose Creek for a better look and feel. The designs are major step up from the old and rushed designs.