Lake Beau National Park

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Public Lands of Surdam
Lake Beau National Park
A moose in front of Lake Beau during fall.
FoundedJuly 7th 2021
TypeNational park
HeadquartersLake Beau Visitor Center
LocationJackson City, Surdam

Lake Beau National Park is a national park in Surdam in the region of Jackson City. The national park has trails, fishing and other recreation throughout the park. Many pine trees and aspen trees grow in the park. Lake Beau is the most visited part of the park being the largest fresh water body of water in Surdam. During the winter and fall moose and deer often come through the park, this also happens in spring and summer, but not as frequent. The park has a great view of the rocky mountains, and the highest natural point in Surdam.

The Tetons
Lake Beau in the summer