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His Royal Highness

Prince Seán of Neilston
Prince of Ulster
Art used by Prince Seán of Neilston on Discord
King of New Antrim
Reign27 June 2017 - 12 July 2017
PredecessorThrone established
SuccessorMichael, King of New Antrim
Regent of Fesmar
Disputed with Anna I 'Morwenna' Fydtroust as Empress of Fesmar
Term22 July 2023 - 30 July 2023
PredecessorAnn III 'Morwenna' Fydtroust as Empress of Fesmar
SuccessorAnn III 'Morwenna' Fydtroust as Empress of Fesmar
BornBelfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom
Seán James Seamus Mark Dagda O'Neill
HouseHouse of O'Neill

Prince Seán of Neilston (also known by either of his surnames alone) is a New Antrian, Fesmarian and Elysiumite politician of Irish nationality, briefly serving as King of New Antrim for less than a month, before serving as it's Crown Prince for three years before reforms to the Monarchy placed him as the Second-In-Line.

In Fesmar he is serving as the Chief Minister of Fesmar (amongst other roles) in the Fesmarian Union since 2022 and having previously served in various head of government and legislative speaker roles throughout the history of Fesmar. In Elysium he served as Deputy Chancellor from April - October 2021, Grand Senator from Daeltheria from July 2020 - September 2021 and again briefly from December 2022 - January 2023 and briefly led the Progressive Party for three days during December 2021. He is also involved in the Media Side of Micronations, creating Imperial Elysium Studios in February 2021 and then joining the TPC when it was founded.

Early Life

Seán was born to the Prince and Princess of Neilston in Belfast, Northern Ireland on 21 December. He would be baptized into the Catholic faith in the following February with the eldest daughter of King James and her husband acting as the Godmother and Godfather respectively. During his Primary school education it would be discovered that Seán was affected by developmental coordination disorder, at his catholic primary school he undertook the sacraments of initiation before moving on to attend Secondary School.


Founding New Antrim

Seán was initially drawn to micronationalism through limited research of the Republic of Molossia and began discussions with his family regarding declaring independence in a period known as the 'National Conventions'. These conventions would result in mild support, however following the fall of the Northern Ireland Assembly in 2017 following the Renewable Heat Incentive scandal genuine interest in creating a sovereign state was growing and a Parliament was called to meet in June.


Seán was elected to sit in Parliament alongside his father and mother. There they voted to declare New Antrim to be independent of the United Kingdom and voted for Seán to become King. He was initially hesitant to take up the Throne, wishing for his father to serve but ultimately accepted the Throne. He chose the regnal name 'Eoin', an allusion to a pre-Invasion Irish Kingdom - Tir Eoghain which translated into English roughly means land of Eoin.

As King, he established many constitutional precedents, specifically regarding the Monarchy. Under the Declaration of Independence Act. 2017 the King was granted sovereign immunity and assumed the 'proper authority of monarchy'. Additionally, he set the precedent that the King: Granted Royal Assent (through him granting royal assent to two Acts of Parliament), Ratified treaties, acted as the Spiritual Head of the Kingdom and held the style of His/Her Majesty.

He expanded the territory of the Kingdom from the physical house, himself and the future Prince and Princess of Neilston lived in to the wider property and organised the territories of Neilston (different from the Town) and Masonston in the new territory.


By Mid July 2017, the King unexpectedly declared for a referendum to occur on the 11 July regarding his abdication. Eoin addressed the people of Neilston and stated that he had wished to abdicate so that his father, a person he viewed as a better national symbol and a better candidate for the role of Monarch could become King. The people overwhelmingly voted against his proposal to abdicate. The King again addressed the nation and stated that he would abdicate at the earliest possible convenience, that night he signed an Instrument of Abdication and the next day he convened Parliament which ratified the instrument.

Crown Prince and Prince of New Antrim

Early Kingdom

Upon his abdication, his father, King Michael's first act was to create Seán as the Crown Prince of New Antrim. The Crown Prince and the King would disagree over the governance of the Kingdom. With few developments occurring during his father's reign, there were however some developments. For the first time, New Antrim had a Queen Consort and traditions and norms were formed during this time. Private correspondence between the Crown Prince and the King stated that the Crown Prince would have been invested with the substantive title of 'Prince of Neilston' on the occasion of his twenty-first birthday but since the King lost his throne prior to this occurring the investiture never occurred.

The Golden Era

By 2019, disagreements between the King and the Crown Prince had mostly subsided and the Crown Prince was entrusted with performing many of the duties of governing the Kingdom and representing it abroad. In Early 2019, New Antrim briefly joined into a union with a neighbouring Kingdom named New Europa but when it dissolved in the Summer of 2019, New Antrim's sovereignty was restored and it assumed the Kingdom's diplomatic responsibilities.

Through the Crown Prince's activity on reddit sector, he came into contact with the leader of Alaurentia, Taninim Long and was present for the initial drafting of the Arundel Convention which was ratified on behalf of New Europa and later New Antrim. He would join Alaurentia becoming its Foreign and Interior Minister.

Whenever Arkovia began its expansionism into other nations, the Crown Prince represented the King at the Council of Intermicronational Freedom Enforcement and the League of Independent Nations and assisted with the August Uprising. During the Uprising, he staged a civil war using the pseudonym 'Charles O'Neill'. However, as the Uprising ended he gradually began to fall away from Alaurantia but continued to participate in League spaces.

The Crown Prince briefly conspired with elements of the Reddit Nation in an effort to stop Promatian threats over the sovereignty of the Reddit Nation by putting himself or the King on the Throne of the Reddit Nation but such efforts fell through around December 2019.

By November 2019, the Crown Prince created a Discord server for the purposes of diplomacy but soon thereafter new territories would be admitted and the territorial peak of New Antrim would begin. At it's peak six additional territories (their official names all lost except for the Duchy of Talmh Soar) and the Crown Prince would be made the presiding officer of a new Assembly of the Nobility would be set up, as the King was unwilling to convene Parliament.

Absorption into Elysium

By February 2020, the '2019 Golden Age' had mostly faded, meetings of the Assembly of the Nobility had become rarer and at least two territories would leave the Kingdom. Additionally the Northern Ireland Assembly would be restored in January 2020 which caused many to question the importance of the continuation of the Kingdom.

By the time that the COVID-19 pandemic locked down the United Kingdom the Government was barely functioning. Unlike most other micronations, the Kingdom did not see any spike in membership. In the weeks directly before the lockdown, the Crown Prince and the King had withdrawn from active duty due to health problems of the Queen which resulted in them making regular visits to her in hospital. The Assembly of the Nobility essentially dissolved on the 2nd April 2020, when it declared that the Government of the United Kingdom had authority in the Kingdom regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.

In May 2020, the Crown Prince began looking into other ways to restore the Kingdom, he attempted to reach back out to the old nobility but failed he proposed recalling Parliament to the King but was turned down. By October 2020, the Crown Prince and a friend of his in Elysium proposed making New Antrim a region of the Republic of Elysium. Such status would give the Crown Prince the chance to run for high office in the Republic, a nominally American South based nation if New Antrim became a part of the Republic, the Crown Prince would be able to run for political offices restricted to local citizens.

Negotiations took place between the Crown Prince and the Chancellor of Elysium - Robert Smith. There emerged two camps in New Antrim. Those who wanted to join Elysium as a commonwealth and those who wanted to join as a part of the Kingdom of Daeltheria of which the Crown Prince at that point served as Prime Minister. The Crown Prince favoured the second option and by Early November all parties agreed that New Antrim would become a 'Regional Dependency of Daeltheria'.

On 14 November 2020, the Grand Senate and Chancellor of Elysium representing the Republic of Elysium and the Crown Prince representing the King and the Kingdom of New Antrim would agree to the terms of the Elysiumite Antrim Treaty. The Crown Prince now simply Seán O'Neill would establish laws through the Daeltherian Parliament to establish local municipal New Antrian government.

Restoration of the Kingdom

Seán remained personally supportive of the Elysiumite Antrim Treaty as long as it benefited his own career in Elysium, whenever it began to fail in Mid 2021 he began to favour some form of independence, especially after he lost the Premiership of Daeltheria to a joint-National Democratic-Social Democratic coalition and he was rendered unemployed at the federal level following the restoration of Robert Smith II to the Grand Imperial Throne of Elysium and thus he lost his position as Deputy Chancellor.

By 2022 there emerged three camps of New Antrian monarchists: The people who supported Seán, the people who supported Michael and the people that supported Michael's father James. The Seánists and the Jacobites (named after James and the identically named movement in the United Kingdom) argued that by giving Royal Assent to the Elysiumite Antrim Treaty, King Michael had abdicated the Throne they however disagreed on who would succeed him, the Jacobites said that as Seán had previously abdicated, Seán believed that this did not matter as he had been made Crown Prince which had restored his rights to the throne.

The first organised attempts to retake the Throne of New Antrim was organised by Seán on August 26 2022, Seán whilst in Belfast formally proclaimed the restoration of the Kingdom but the attempt ultimately failed. Whilst Seán was at a Theatre in Belfast. Sporadic flareups of interest would occur throughout the rest of the year but only really picked up around August 2023.

Throughout August and September 2023, Seán encouraged discourse between the three camps and a compromise would eventually be reached. James would become King, but Michael and Seán would be restored to the line of succession. A special Constitutional Convention chaired by Seán was assembled outside Neilston as it was considered under New Antrian law to be 'occupied' which ratified these changes. This convention would sit until the 28 October 2023 being replaced by a regular Parliament on 10 November 2023.

Seán would be appointed as a Colonel in the 2023 New Antrian Accession Day Honours having previously been created as a Royal Knight of the Star of Hibernia. Under the Ministerial Accountability Act. 2023 Seán was appointed as Acting Prime Minister, becoming the first Head of Government in New Antrim who was not the Sovereign.

Personal Life

Media Credits

Year Title Roles Director Writer Producer Acted Notes
2021 The Aggressive Scale n/a Co-Director No Yes No Cancelled audio-series
2021 Based Baddie speedrun Any% n/a Yes Yes Yes No Short video
2022 Elysium the Movie n/a No No Yes No Short film
2023 The Wizard of Oz The Wizard of Oz/Professor Marvel No No No Yes Theatre
2024 Elysium the Movie 2 Himself No Yes Yes Yes Short film not yet released
2025 Elysium the Movie 3 Himself No Yes Yes Yes Short film not yet released

In Other Micronations

Empire of Elysium

Seán joined Elysium in Early 2020, becoming a part of the Constitutional Committee which wrote the Republican Constitution of Elysium. Seán was briefly the head of a Communist Party in Elysium before joining the Progressive Party and becoming the Grand Senator for Daeltheria in a post he would serve in for over a year. He was appointed as the Prime Minister of Daletheria in October of 2020 by then Chancellor of Elysium and Royal Regent of Daeltheria Robert Smith where he began drafting a new constitution of Daeltheria and appointed a non-partisan Government.

In February 2021 he formed Partisan Productions (the future Imperial Elysium Studios) and in April 2021 he was elected as Deputy Chancellor of Elysium. His political career would suffer a mortal blow in the Summer of 2021 in Elysium however, his determination to preserve the Republic in spite of the efforts of Elysiumite conservatives drew condemnation and labelled him as a hothead resulting in him losing favour with not just the Conservatives but with his fellow moderate Progressives as well. He did not stand for re-election to his Senatorial post in September 2021 and whenever the Elysiumite Monarchy was restored in October 2021 he lost the Deputy Chancellorship.

He did briefly become Leader of the Progressive Party in December 2021 but was ousted after three days by the Conservative bloc of the party. Throughout the early Monarchy he has kept a low profile briefly leaving Elysium altogether for a number of weeks but he returned soon after putting more focus into Partisan Productions, it was renamed to Elysium Studios and Seán greenlit Elysium the Movie, a satirical 'film' about the death of the Emperor, written, produced, directed and acted by an Elysiumite 'Based Baddie'. Shortly after Seán and Baddie now joined by Johann Kümmel began work on the Elysium the Movie franchise, He briefly returned to the Senate in December 2022 but lost his seat in January 2023 because he 'forgot to run'. Since May 2023, he has served again in the Senate, being elected as a Deputy Speaker alongside Eugene Smith until his removal on 6 October 2023.

Fesmarian Empire

Seán initially joined Fesmar in the Late Spring or Early Summer of 2020 through his work in the United Kingdoms of Ainsworth and Fesmar after briefly becoming High King of Ainsworth through a deceptive adoption of it's King, Fynley he began to work closely with Kenneth Fydtroust, then General Secretary of the Fesmarian Democratic Republic. Seán then decided to leave the Fesmarian Sector shortly after the establishment of the Kingdom of Fesmar.

Seán was then invited back into Fesmar in February 2021 and became a Senator staying in this role for nearly a year primarily serving as the Speaker of the Senate and other briefly established legislatures. Whenever the Union of Fesmarian Socialist Republics was established in April 2022 he continued to serve in its ranks, becoming Chairman of the Provisional Government of the Irish Republic, regaining his role as Speaker of the Congress in August and becoming Prime minister in September. By December, Seán had begun publicly calling for the restoration of Morwenna Fydtroust as the Empress of Fesmar and with the backing of then-President Catalina, he passed legislation dissolving most of the UFSR government, re-establishing the Senate and restoring Fydtroust to the throne as Empress Anna I.

In March 2023, Seán was bestowed the noble title of 'Prince of Ulster' and He was one of the most vocal supporters of the Fesmarian annexation of the Duchy of Corsa after its Duchess, Jessey proposed it. He drafted the Imperial Edict officiating the annexation and the Oath of Allegiance the Duchess made to the Empress. During the Corsa Crisis, he had written legislation which would've granted Corsa a parliament but the Duchy declared its independence before the legalization could be enacted. During the Corsa Crisis, Seán was criticized for the ambiguity of the Corsa Annexation Edict which did not expressly say what the Government of Corsa could and could not do. Seán responded to these arguments through the fact that the Edict spelt out what they couldn't do and therefore it was up to them to interpret what they could and could not do.

In July 2023, due to what he saw as inactivity within Fesmar, he launched a coup d'état against the Empress proclaiming himself Regent of a vacant throne citing inactivity within the Union, his attempts however failed.

High Kingdom of Mediolaurantia & Sovereign Kingdom of Humberlea

O’Neill joined Humberlea at the personal invitation of Nicholas I, to stand for the local Parliamentary and Senatorial elections. He was elected as a Member of the House of Commons of Humberlea and in the Senate of Mediolaurentia on 29 July 2023. He assumed his office in the Senate on 3 August 2023 and formed a Government in Humberlea as Prime Minister on 7 August 2023 at the personal request of the King.

Following the December 2023 Humberlean elections, O'Neill is set to lose his role as Prime Minister to Christina of House Nowell.

Tzardom of Begon

Following the succession of Johann I to the throne of Begon, O'Neill became a citizen of the Tzardom. On 2 December 2023 he was appointed as Minister of Defence by Johann I.

Titles, political offices, styles, honors and military commands

Titles and Styles

New Antrim

  • 27 June 2017 - 12 July 2017: His Majesty the King
  • 12 July 2017 - 14 November 2020: His Royal Highness the Crown Prince
  • 14 November 2020 - 4 March 2023: Seán O'Neill (retroactive legal name)
    • 14 November 2020 - 26 August 2022: His Royal Highness the Crown Prince (self-styled)
    • 26 August 2022 - 24 September 2023: His Majesty the King (self-styled)
  • 4 March 2023 - 22 July 2023; 30 July 2023 - 2 October 2023: The Right Honourable the Prince of Ulster (retroactive legal name)
  • 22 July 2023 - 30 July 2023: His Royal Highness the Prince of Ulster (retroactive legal name)
  • 2 October 2023 - 7 November 2023: His Royal Highness Prince Seán of Neilston
  • 7 November 2023 - present: His Royal Highness Prince Seán of Neilston SH DP


  • 2020 - 26 July 2020: Seán Réabhlóideach
  • 26 July 2020 - 4 March 2023: Seán O'Neill
  • 4 March 2023 - present: The Right Honourable the Prince of Ulster
    • 22 July 2023 - 30 July 2023: His Royal Highness the Prince of Ulster (to the Senatorials)


  • 7 February 2020 - 2 February 2021; 30 November 2021 - 1 July 2022: Seán O'Neill
  • 2 February 2021 - 30 November 2021; 1 July 2022 - present: Sir Seán O'Neill

Political Offices

  • Minister of Foreign Affairs (2019)
  • Minister of Administrative Affairs (2019)
  • League of Independent Nations Moderating Chairman (August 2019 - January 2020)
  • Fesmar Minister of Internal Affairs (2020)
  • Empire of Elysium Grand Senator (19 July 2020 – 23 September 2021; 23 September 2022 – 24 January 2023; 22 May 2023 - present)
  • Prime Minister (27 October 2020 – 19 September 2021)
  • Member of Parliament (16 November 2020 – Late 2021)
  • Empire of Elysium Chairman of Imperial Elysium Studios (21 February 2021 - present)
  • Fesmar Imperial Senator (23rd February 2021 - present)
  • Empire of Elysium Deputy Chancellor (18 April 2021 – 30 November 2021)
  • Fesmar Magister Civicus (9 May 2021 - 12 July 2021)
  • Empire of Elysium Leader of the Progressive Party (12 December 2021 – 15 December 2021)
  • Fesmar Chairman of the Provisional Government of the Irish Republic (23 April 2022 - 4 March 2023)
  • Fesmar Speaker of the Congress of Republics (3 August 2022 - 27 December 2022)
  • Fesmar Prime Minister (25 September 2022 - 30 December 2022)
  • Fesmar Minister of Foreign Affairs (2 October 2022 - present)
  • Fesmar First Senator (30 December 2022 - present)
  • Fesmar Keeper of the Seal (30 December 2022 - present)
  • Fesmar Chief Minister (30 December 2022 - present)
  • Humberlea Member of the House of Commons (29 July 2023 - present)
  • High Kingdom of Mediolaurentia Senator (3 August 2023 - present)
  • Humberlea Prime Minister (7 August 2023 - present)
  • Humberlea Minister of Finance (7 August 2023 - present)
  • Fesmar Grand Master of the Order of the Star of Hibernia (19 August 2023 - 7 October 2023)
  • Empire of Elysium Deputy Speaker of the Grand Senate (23 October 2023 - present)
  • Member of the Convention (2 October 2023 - present)
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs (11 October 2023 - present)
  • Minister of (Public) Information (11 October 2023 - present)
  • Electoral Commissioner (11 October 2023 - 20 November 2023)
  • Chairman of the Provisional Military Government (29 October 2023 - 10 November 2023)
  • Minister of the Interior (13 November 2023 - present)
  • Acting Prime Minister (26 November 2023 - present)
  • The Begonian Kaiserreich Minister of Defence (2 December 2023 - present)

Titles of Nobility

  • Fesmar The Right Honourable the Prince of Ulster (4 March 2023)


  • Order of the People (May 2020)
  • Empire of Elysium Knight of the Republic, 2 February 2021 (order dissolved)
  • Empire of Elysium Knight of the Order of Robert II, 1 July 2021
  • Empire of Elysium O'Neill Film Production Award, 1 July 2021
  • Royal Knight of the Order of the Star of Hibernia, 7 November 2023

Military Appointments

  • Second Lieutenant of the First Squad (10 October 2023 -)
  • Viceroy of the Royal Army (10 October 2023 -)
  • Military Governor of the Kingdom of New Antrim (28 October 2023 - 10 November 2023)
  • Colonel of the First Jacobite Neilston Regiment (10 October 2023 -)

Full Style

His Royal Highness Prince Colonel Sir Seán James Seamus Mark Dagda of Neilston, Prince of Ulster, Royal Knight of the Order of the Star of Hibernia, Knight of the Order of Robert II and Knight of the Order of the People.