2019 Rino Island parliamentary election

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Rino Island parliamentary election, 2019

← 2017 August 29 - September 2, 2019 2020 →

All 10 seats in the Grand Senate
  First party
Leader Anastasio López
Party National Unity Party
Last election 0 seats
Seats before 10
Seats won 8
Seat change 10
Popular vote 42
Percentage 100%

The parliamentary elections in Rino Island for the 2019-2020 term were held between August 28 and September 2, 2019, in conjunction with the presidential election. Seven senators were elected through popular vote, with an additional two senators appointed by the President of the Republic, and the senator serving as the president of the National Syndicalist Central.[1]

All the candidates were members of the National Unity Party (NUP) of President Marco Antonio Rino. The list received 100% approval from the voters, without the percentage of citizen participation being reported.[1]

The senators designated by President Marco Antonio Rino belonged to the National Unity Party or his allies.[1]

This was the first regular legislative term since 2017. After the 2017 coup d'état, the Government Junta, led by Anastasio López, had decided to dissolve the Grand Senate and directly exercise legislative power with the advisory of the Council of State.[2]


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