2022 Rino Island presidential election

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2022 Rino Island presidential election

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Candidate Anastasio López
Party National Unity Party in alliance with the Workers' Party and the Social Christian Party
Percentage 99.3%

President before election

Marco Antonio Rino
National Unity Party

Elected President

Anastasio López
National Unity Party

The presidential elections in Rino Island for the 2022-2023 term were held between August 28 and September 2, 2022, in conjunction with the parliamentary election. Former President and Minister Anastasio López won the presidential election as the sole candidate, obtaining 99.3% of the votes in an election where citizen participation reached 71.3% of the electoral roll.[1]

The election took the form of a referendum and was approved with only one vote against.[1]

López's supporters also won an absolute majority of seats in the Grand Senate. Two months after the election, irregularities were discovered in the opposition's candidacies, resulting in López's government gaining full control of the Grand Senate. Former President Marco Antonio Rino resigned his citizenship shortly thereafter.[2]


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