2022 Rino Island legislative election

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Rino Island parliamentary election, 2022

← 2021 August 29 - September 2, 2022 2023 →

All 10 seats in the Grand Senate
  First party Second party Third party
Leader Anastasio López Fernando Martínez Paula Venegas
Party National Unity Party in alliance with the Workers' Party and the Social Christian Party Anarquista Party Independents
Last election 10 seats New Party New Party
Seats before 10
Seats won 8 1 1
Seat change 2 1 1
Popular vote 118 3 8
Percentage 90.1% 2.3% 6.1%

The parliamentary elections in Rino Island for the 2022-2023 term were held between August 28 and September 2, 2022, in conjunction with the presidential election.[1] Seven senators were elected through popular vote, with an additional two senators appointed by the President of the Republic, and the senator serving as the president of the National Syndicalist Central.[2]

For the first time since 2017, minor parties and independent candidates were able to access the Grand Senate, thanks to the alliance of the National Unity Party, the Workers' Party, and the Christian Social Party. Additionally, candidates from the Anarchist Party and independent candidate Paula Venegas secured seats. The senators designated by President Marco Antonio Rino belonged to the National Unity Party or his allies.

However, following the election, serious breaches were detected in the candidacies of the anarchists and independents, leading to the loss of their seats. They were replaced by independents and members of the National Unity Party.[3]


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