April 2023 Arkazjan parliamentary election

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April 2023 Arkazjan parliamentary election

10-17 and 18 April 2023 August 2023 →

All 10 seats in the Arkazjan Senate
6 seats needed for a majority
Turnout11 (25,5%)
  First party Second party Third party
Leader Natt Falkenhausen Patu Anton Rausberg
Party Arkazjan Workers Party Arkazja Social Democratic Front Syndicalist Party (Arkazja)
Leader since April 2023 March 2023 March 2023
Seats before 7 0 1
Seats won 4 4 1
Seat change 3 4 Steady1
Popular vote 5 4 1
Percentage 45,0 36,0 9,0

  Fourth party
Leader Kijciwpempek
Party Kijciwpempek Friends Party
Leader since April 2023
Seats before 2
Seats won 1
Seat change 1
Popular vote 1
Percentage 9,0

Prime Minister before election

Arkazjan Workers Party

Prime Minister after election

Grzegorz Sabalov
Arkazjan Workers Party

The first parliamentary election in Arkazja were held on 10-17 April 2023 with Prime Minister election planned on 18 April 2023.

Electoral system

Seats are allocated using Hare-Niemeyer method. People vote for parties and parties choose their senators.

Elections date

Dates of the elections, 10-17 April and 18 April were set by the President of Arkazja, Natt Falkenhausen. According to the Constitution of the Republic of Arkazja, elections must be announced a week in advance and must last a week.[1] There is no specific time frame for organizing the next elections.

Prime minister elections

The election for Prime Minister was not held due to the lack of candidates. The president appointed a new PM, Grzegorz Sabalov.[a]

Election results

Arkazjan Workers Party545.454
Arkazja Social Democratic Front436.364
Syndicalist Party19.091
Kijciwpempek Friends Party19.091
Registered voters/turnout4325,5

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  1. As 18 April 2023, the Constitution doesn't say what to do in case of lack of candidates