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Flag of Karolewsk
Coat of arms of Karolewsk
Location within Arkazja.
Location within Arkazja.
Country Arkazja
Established1 May 2022
 • Total0,985 km2 (380 sq mi)

Karolewsk is a province of the Republic of Arkazja. The capital of the province is Janopawlowsk.

It borders on three other provinces of Arkazja: Ambonia and Kopernik to the south-west. It also borders Poland to the north-east.

Administrative division

Karolewsk is divided into 4 cities.

Cities in the Karolewsk province:

  1. File:ARK Janopawlowsk COA.png Janopawlowsk
  2. File:ARK Wojtylensk COA.png Wojtyleńsk
  3. File:ARK Lesna Territory COA.png Leśna Territory
  4. File:ARK Czekanow Territory COA.png Czekanów Territory