Arkazjan citizenship law

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The Citizenship Law
Ustawa o Obywatelstwie
Arkazjan Senate
CitationThe Citizenship Law (ENG-PL)
Territorial extentRepublic of Arkazja
Enacted byArkazjan Senate
Date signed14 September 2023
Signed byPresident of Arkazja
Status: Current legislation

Arkazjan citizenship law details the conditions by which a person holds citizenship of the Republic of Arkazja. The primary law governing citizenship requirements is "The Citizenship Law" (Polish: Ustawa o Obywatelstwie), which came into force on 14 September 2023.

Any person born in Arkazja and accepted by the President, or born to at least one Arkazjan parent, receives Arkazjan citizenship at birth. Foreign nationals may become citizens by admission after the President accepts the application.

Arkazjan passport

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