Trial of Kijciwpempek monarchists

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Defendants escorted to the courtroom
The Verdict
Execution of the sentence

The Trial of Kijciwpempek monarchists (polish: Proces monarchistów Kijciwpempka), also known as the Arpolis Trial 2023 and the Trial of the Three was a political trial in the Republic of Arkazja that charged members of the Kijciwpempek Friends Party with harming the state and sabotaging the Arkazjan Senate. The Trial of the Three took place in August 2023.

Before the trial

Kijciwpempek Friends Party was a far-right, monarchist, neo-imperial party, opposed to ruling communist Arkazjan Workers Party. In April 2023 Arkazjan parliamentary election they won one seat in the Senate. Koken became the senator thanks to Kijciwpempek party. However, he did not fulfill his senatorial duties - his Senate turnout was 0%. When president Natt Falkenhausen wrote publicly that monarchists still had 0% turnout, Kijciwpempek referred to this publicly in a vulgar way insulting the whole nation.

The charges

The trial included 3 defendants belonging to the Kijciwpempek Friends Party:

  1. Kijciwpempek - Leader of the party
  2. Koken - member of the party, senator in the Arkazjan Senate
  3. Ratowniś - member of the party

They were indicted by the president Natt Falkenhausen and charged with the following offences:

  • Actions to the detriment of the state
  • Sabotage of the Arkazjan Senate
  • Conspiring to wreck the political system of Arkazja
  • Spying

The trial

The judge conducting the trial was Bimbosz Rambołowicz, Arkazjan Minister of Justice and the Supreme Court. The president published the indictment. The defendants could not protest or make excuses because they were muted.


The judge issued a verdict banning the whole party and all of the defendants. The sentence was executed a moment later by the president.